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Family Services: Support for Family, Friends and Partners

The Family Services brochure is an overview of the services available to loved ones and partners of our male clients who attend the residential program. Sections include information on our monthly Family & Couples Program, the online support program for families as well as contact guidelines for families (helpful and unhelpful support).

Family Intervention: Getting Help for a Loved One Who Won’t Stop Using Drugs or Alcohol

Do you have a loved one who refuses to get help for a drug or alcohol problem? Then this guide is for you. This 20 page guide explores the myth of “hitting bottom”; why nagging, pleading and threatening doesn’t work; how to tell the difference between substance abuse and addiction; why hiring an interventionist is money well spent, a list of recommended interventionists, printed and online intervention resources, and more!

Avoiding Code Red: 5 Ways to Stop Intoxicated Family Members from Ruining the Holidays and Special Events

When you combine the three factors of anxiety, family dysfunction, and alcohol it’s little wonder why some families come to dread the holidays. This guide will offer options so that you do not have to be held hostage by the unruly behaviour of others during family gatherings.


The Residential Addiction Treatment & Recovery Services brochure is ideal for clients or family members who want a quick overview of our program, staff and facility. Sections include information on treatment philosophy, program highlights, facility amenities, and more!


The Clinical Services brochure is a detailed brochure for professionals who want to know specific information on the various treatment modalities offered at Sunshine Coast Health Center. Family members and potential clients who don’t mind a bit of psychology terminology may also find this brochure beneficial.



The Post-Treatment Services brochure is an overview of the services available to clients who have completed treatment at Sunshine Coast Health Center. We are committed to a client’s long-term success and recognize the importance of ongoing support even when clients return to their home community.



The Trauma Program brochure includes an overview of the trauma program, how we define trauma, overall aim of the trauma program, how the trauma program works with the addiction program, and a list of the trauma program therapies available at Sunshine Coast Health Center.


Drugs of Abuse: an Identification Guide is a publication

designed to inform families, employers, health professionals

and educators not familiar with the vast array of abused drugs

now commonplace in our communities.

You Are the Key: 10 Steps for Employers to a Drug-free

Workplace is a free publication designed to help small- to

medium-sized employers develop, implement and maintain a

drug-free workplace program.

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