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Sunshine Coast Health Centre is one of the top drug rehab and alcohol treatment centres in BC and Canada. Our non 12 step program helps men recover from addiction as well as trauma and PTSD.

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Get Connected

Do you feel like an outsider at home, with friends, or at work?
We recognize the importance of reconnecting with others in the recovery process and can help.

Our clients benefit from the intimacy of an all-male peer group. Daily recreation and social events also reinforce the importance of friendship. Family is emphasized through our complementary Family & Couples Weekend. Finally, our staff is valued as much (if not more) for their ability to relate to clients than their job skills.

Take Control

Are you afraid of going to treatment? Treatment shouldn’t feel like punishment. We’re committed to giving you a sense of control every step of the way.

While with us, clients are encouraged to take control of their treatment plan. We know that when clients are involved in designing their treatment plan, they have a greater sense of ownership not only in their plan, but in their long-term recovery.

As a result, no two treatment plans are the same because we recognize that no two clients are the same. Our staffing and programming are designed with the flexibility to allow clients multiple paths to recovery.

Find Your Purpose

Has your life become meaningless and boring? We approach addiction as a response to a life that lacks meaning. While with us, we help you uncover your passion for living again.

We recognize that clients must first have a reason to stop using drugs or alcohol. Without a reason, clients are likely to simply go through the motions, struggle with boredom and, eventually, return to use.

Our meaning-centered approach focuses on long-term aspirations such as intimate relatedness with friends and family and a fulfilling career. In other words, our clients explore recovery from the perspective of a life of possibility over avoidance. Once a client finds his purpose, we see that the motivation to go to meetings, eat healthy, and exercise regularly comes naturally.

Heal and Grow

Recovering from addiction is more than being clean and sober. We’re committed to your personal growth and helping you pursue the dreams you’ve set aside.

Our program is designed to help clients manage their lives more effectively. Like other programs, clients learn to deal with immediate concerns such as cravings, dealing with drug-using friends, and personal issues such as anger, depression, and anxiety.

However, we believe that effective treatment is not just about coping or even just healing, but about growth. Successful recovery is more than just a life free of problems. Instead, our program is designed to help clients overcome personal barriers that are keeping them from realizing their full potential.

Mental Health Counselling

Mental health services are available in addition to addiction rehab. All clients receive initial medical and psychiatric assessments as well as ongoing medical and mental health services (psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, and masters level counsellors) during their stay.

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An Active Lifestyle is Key

Getting fit and being active is a great way to start and maintain your recovery. We are committed to helping clients adopt a healthy lifestyle – a key component to success. Our clients have access to onsite fitness and recreation services, including scheduled outings to local leisure areas.

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More Than Just Addiction Treatment

Sunshine Coast Health Centre is not just for addiction treatment. We also treat mental health issues such as PTSD, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

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Help for Families

We believe it is critical to involve families in the recovery process. That is why we offer a complimentary family & couples program. In addition, clinical staff provides ongoing support for family members while their loved one is in treatment – even after they return home.

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Relapse, Addiction & The Stages of Change

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