Licensing & Accreditation

Licensed by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority 

We’re dedicated to meeting the high standard of provincial health facility licensing in British Columbia. We are a Certified B Corporation in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and we expect to extend our current Accreditation Canada standing with commendation during our next onsite survey in 2022.

What is a Certified B Corporation?

While we are a private healthcare company, we want you to know that profit isn’t our priority. We understand the inappropriateness of profiting from the misery of our clients and use a company structure so we can respond to the need for change very quickly. We make decisions at this facility, not in offices on the other side of the country. In our experience, this onsite leadership and speed of decision making is critical to our clients’ success. We also believe that positive business values of excellence in customer service, strong fiscal management, and long-term strategic planning/execution have an important place in residential healthcare. 

But we know it’s not just good enough to claim you are different. To demonstrate our difference in care, we became a certified benefits corporation (B Corp) in 2018. Becoming a Certified B Corp is a difficult and time-consuming process and its certification is growing rapidly in North America. B Corp set’s high standards for its members and requires full transparency on customer, employee, environmental, and community practices. You can see our B Corp scores along with those of other highly respected companies like Hootsuite and Ben and Jerry’s on their website: B-Corp – B Impact Report

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