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“The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.”



Regardless of whether your question may seem trivial or important, our staff supports your effort in finding the right treatment center for yourself, a loved one, client, or employee. To make it easier to look up the answer quickly, Sunshine Coast Health Center has created three categories which cover most questions our Admission staff receive.

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Topics in the Programs & Services FAQ include:

  • Our Philosophy
  • Residential Program (weekly schedule, typical day, etc.)
  • Services (assessment, massage, ozone, medical, etc.)
  • Family & Couples Program
  • Alumni Programs & Services (online support, events, etc.)
  • Amenities (fitness center)
  • Our Success Rate


See the Programs & Services FAQ section.

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Topics in the Admissions, Fees, and Policy FAQ section include:

  • Admissions (getting started, wait list, kinds of drugs we treat, clients we accept)
  • Fees
  • Length of Stay
  • Policy (use of substances before admission, privacy, phone privileges, things to bring/not to bring)


See the Admissions & Fees FAQ section.

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Topics in the Travel FAQ section include:

  • About Powell River
  • Travel From the USA
  • Transferring in Vancouver
  • Travel & Accommodations in Powell River


See the Travel FAQ section for details.

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The family component fits beautifully with a holistic approach to addiction treatment and it would be incomplete without it. I found it very useful to me personally, and I know that it will help me to support Glen in his recovery in a productive way. I found the information enlightening, the skills practical, and the warm camaraderie with people who had been through the same sort of thing a great source of comfort. I find myself with a new sense of calm, and confidence in our future, that I haven’t felt in a long time. I would recommend this program to anyone with addiction in their life. In fact, Glen and I have talked about how useful it would be for most anyone, regardless of the addiction component.

- Brenda

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