Who Am I? A Crisis of Direction in Life

Despite our technological advancements, life in today’s world is a lot more confusing than the world our parents grew up in. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options we have, from where to live, what to study, which job to apply to, etc. 

Even at the grocery store, we must suddenly stare at ten types of toothpaste before we can choose one. Having more options is not always a great thing! 

If you find yourself lost in which direction to go in life, worry not. Throughout this blog, we will go over what to keep in mind when exploring what you want out of life.

What Should I Do With My Life?

This is the question on a lot of people’s minds: What should I do with my life? 

This question, and the pressure to find an answer to the question, can become a great source of stress, anxiety, and depression. You turn your phone on and immediately witness success stories, images, and videos of people on social media talking about how amazing their lives are! And then you feel even more lost and hopeless about your own life. 

But what if the question of “what should I do with my life?” isn’t the right one to ask?

man atop a mountain thinking about life

Who Am I? 

The real question is, “Who am I?” 

Before we think about what to do in life, we must deeply feel and get in touch with who we truly are. 

Who are you outside the dogmatic norms of your culture, society, and what you are told to think and do? What makes you feel fulfilled? How do you behave when you feel truly alive? 

As important as these questions are, it will take some time on your part for self-discovery. Rather than comparing your life to what society values as traditional success, really think about times you’ve felt fulfilled and explore them.

Explore Who You Are 

Once you feel connected to who you really are, you begin to get in touch with a vision for your life that feels exciting to you. One that makes you feel alive and gives you joy. 

This is the place from which your vision can emerge. Once you have a vision, you have a direction. You’ll know what the first step must be on your path. 

All that is left, then, is to take it. 

man writing in a journal about life

Don’t Expect Perfection

As you begin to take steps on your path, don’t expect everything to go amazingly at first. There are often many shifts and detours on our paths as we navigate staying true to what we really desire. 

Your first job, for example, might be something you really enjoy doing, but you don’t get paid as much as you’d like. Let this be your reality and gain experience. Not everything falls into place all at once. 

Trust the Unknown in Life

A big part of this journey is learning to trust the unknown. Normally, we love the security of what we know. We like predictability, it gives us comfort. 

But for as long as you want to follow your inner wisdom and heart, you need to be open for things to shift often. The more you trust yourself and life, the easier it is to navigate these changes. 

Before you have the life you’ve always wanted, you might have to move a couple of times. Maybe start and quit a degree to begin a different one. Say goodbye to old habits, even old friends. Be ready and open for change. 

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