The Confusing World of Emotions

How many of us have learned about our emotions at school or home? For many of us, emotions are either something to avoid altogether or something we get lost in, not knowing how to navigate our way through them.

Emotions are powerful. When our emotions get stuck, we feel stuck in life, shut down, and numb. A lot of us are scared or ashamed of some of the emotions we feel. In this blog, we’ll explore the confusing world of emotions and how they can help us navigate life.

Anger and Sadness: Two of the Same

Men’s conditioning often dictates that it is OK to be angry; “he’s just blowing off some steam”. But we’re told to feel ashamed if we are sad or close to tears. And so we repress, avoid, and hide our sadness in order not to lose face.

wooden blocks with faces of different emotions

Here’s the thing, we don’t need to fear connecting with our emotions. Emotional intelligence is relational intelligence. Emotions (energy in emotion) are the very fabric of connection when it comes to relating. When we feel emotionally open and alive, we tend to feel heart-centred and connected to those around us. 

Feel Your Emotions

Getting to know our emotions, and working through our fear or shame of them, is a journey worth embarking on. There may be many ups and downs on such a quest, yet the learning and deepening possible through this exploration are invaluable.

When you begin to understand your anger, you can explore the origins of your aggression and reactivity. The work you put in can transform your anger into passionate aliveness – a capacity to express your truth even under very difficult circumstances.

Additionally, exploring feelings of shame and unworthiness can direct you to address guilt and self-blame. From this, you can discover unconditional self-worth, dignity, and deep freedom from the pressures of perfection.

Emotions Offer Healing

Get to know your fears, and face the shakiness in your gut. Get in touch with the younger version of yourself within who needs your compassionate presence, and you shall discover that which cannot be touched by fearfulness – the peace that surpasses understanding.

mad head down in arms feeling sad emotions

From there, you’ll begin to understand your sadness and grief. Take them out into the open air and give them more space. Approach this place in you with tenderness. And grief begins to flow, cracking open your emotional armouring.

Getting in touch with our emotions is to deeply become intimate with our feeling core, with our deepest humanity.

The Hidden Lessons in Emotions

Such an adventure doesn’t leave us intact, and it shouldn’t! Next time you feel like using or distracting yourself from your pain in any other way, take a moment and stop. Take a moment to notice what you’re feeling at that moment.

Is it a particular emotion you’re trying to run away from? How would it be to turn towards this emotion instead?

Stay with the hard emotions. Breathe deeper. Notice your feet on the ground. Notice the space and silence all around you and also within. Within this spaciousness, there is plenty of room for whatever you might be feeling.

You are worth it.

At Sunshine Coast Health Centre, our team of professionals is ready to help you through difficult emotions. Through counselling, workshops, and group therapy, we aim to help clients understand feelings that come up while discovering meaning and purpose. Visit our website to learn more about our program or give us a call.

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