The Role of Spirituality in Recovery

The topic of spirituality is an essential part of all the most well-known approaches to recovery. But what is spirituality? And how does spirituality support one’s recovery?

Before diving in, let’s first define spirituality. In its simplest terms, spirituality means believing in something greater than yourself. Whether that translates to a religion or personal empowerment, its connection to recovery is what we aim to discuss in this blog.

So, let’s look at this topic in-depth and look into what I often find when working with clients on what spirituality means to them.

The Word “Spirit” 

I think the word “spirit” can be elusive and even confusing. I often ask my clients what they see as “sacred” in life. Some say life itself is sacred, and many people immediately mention their love for their family members, as well as nature. Some mention the universe and something they feel in their core as a sense of sacredness all around us. 

Ask yourself, “What do I see and feel as sacred in my life?” And see what comes to the surface for you.

man connecting with spirituality atop a mountain

A Feeling of Connection 

I have often found clients of mine relax and soften once they begin to talk about what is sacred to them. They connect with what really matters in their lives beyond the everyday chaos and hustle of living. 

Whether it is their love for their family or feeling connected to something much larger than themselves, they always feel more connected to themselves once they explore this sacredness. This mindfulness and reflection can fill them with gratitude for what they have. 

Spirituality: A Source of Motivation

Connecting with what is sacred to you is also connected with the motivation to heal. Spirituality can become a great source of motivation and support for people. 

I believe in having context for our lives that is bigger than “me and my problems.” Spirituality is that context for many who are recovering from a lifestyle that is not working for them.

man watching sun set

Is this Religion?

Interestingly, many people can relate to a sense of sacredness whether or not they define themselves as “religious.” 

When I think of religion, I immediately think about a belief system and a set of rules one “must” follow. Spirituality, in the way that I see it, is not so concerned with beliefs and rules. 

Spirituality is inclusive, having no gender, race, or even origin. It’s similar to the natural world, just like the trees and the rivers and the sky all around us. 

Spirituality is universal. 

How to Connect with Spirituality and Sacredness

Discovering what is sacred to you can take time and deep reflection. Some ways people find their sense of sacredness are when they’re surrounded by nature, gathered with family, meditating, or enthralled in a hobby they’re passionate about.

No matter how we connect with “spirit,” each person I’ve explored this with feels a sense of expansion, peace, and well-being when they are “plugged in.” 

Tap into the power of spirituality and use it as a resource, as a sense of motivation and inspiration for the best life you want to create, for the deepest, most liberating sense of well-being you can embody. 

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