How to Calm Your Mind and Find Inner Peace

Many folks self-medicate and numb themselves in the hopes of calming their minds. This strategy unfortunately only works for a very short time. And the price paid for a short relief from an overthinking mind is often numbness and further disconnection from ourselves. 

So, how can we calm our minds and avoid ruminating thoughts? Let’s take a look.

Why is The Mind So Busy?

I think it is essential to understand why our minds get so busy to begin with. When we are disconnected from our feelings, emotions, and vulnerability, our minds begin to fill in the blanks with ruminating thoughts and anxiety.

Existing from a guarded standpoint zaps our energy and shoots up to the head. Once this energy is in the head with nowhere else to go, we begin to experience overthinking. 

Social Conditioning 

Another reason why we live in our heads is social conditioning. Unfortunately, our society remains hyper-intellectual and quite disconnected from the wisdom of the body. A good example of this is society often has very hurtful labels for men who cry.

It’s a sad reality that living in the mind is more socially acceptable than actually being in touch with our emotions. Working on the shame you may be feeling and being open to your emotions can help calm the mind. Remember, it is human to feel. 

man holding head in hands trying to calm mind

Grounding Your Mind

One of the most skillful ways to overcome overthinking is through grounding yourself. We feel more grounded when we are in nature, after we exercise, after a good cry, or even after we’ve expressed our emotions in a healthy and respectful way.

Self-expression is naturally grounding. It’s easy to exist in your mind and overthink your worries, stressors, and problems. But it’s often when you actually voice those worries that live inside your mind that you release them and the power they hold. There is so much strength in voicing how you feel. It isn’t a sign of weakness to be vulnerable. Honour your feelings, your mind, and your body by releasing them.

Don’t Go Against the Mind

Thoughts come and go, this is their nature. Let them come and let them go, don’t interfere with the flow of thinking. Get curious.

Simply notice how you feel and stay there. Learn to stay embodied through connecting with your emotions. Learn to work through and process your emotions. 

If an overwhelming thought flows through, here are some objective questions you can ask:

  1. Why am I feeling overwhelmed?
  2. Who can I voice my feelings to?
  3. What in my life can I say “no” to right now?
  4. Where in my body do I feel tension?
  5. When was the last time I had something to eat or drink?

These questions can help you get outside of your mind and avoid further ruminating thoughts.

You Deserve Inner Peace

When we feel emotionally connected with ourselves, the mind finds its natural functioning and balance. But this natural state of calm doesn’t come without a bit of effort on our part! Working on your mental health with a professional can help greatly in locating the root of anxiety and worry.

man speaking with therapist trying to calm mind

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