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Love is Always the Answer

recovery family

I always seem to find my words on flights. I think it’s the soft hum of the engine that creates a soothing like lullabye for me. The songs that fall out of my earbuds also help the words escape, my sometimes, busy mind.

I am struck (again) by the importance of being present. Look around you, smile, sing, buy someone a tea…there are opportunities everywhere to be a better person by being present, kind-hearted, and thoughtful.

I had moments today that filled my love tank full by just being here in the moment. I took the opportunity to buy that woman her tea, I took that moment to smile, at the stranger across the sitting area, at the airport, and when she heard me singing with the flight attendant, she said “you wanted to make him smile – how sweet of you.” It’s these exact moments that create the dominoes effect of love through actions – subtle and not so subtle.

It’s been a very interesting few months for me as I pursue mindfulness and presence more diligently. I have always done things like this, but somewhere along the way I got buried deep into my phone, myself, and I stopped looking up.

Look up I say. Strike that conversation with that stranger, smile at that person who looks grumpy as hell, talk with your cab driver, hug your kids a little bit longer than you usually do, make an ass out-of-yourself – someone might be there who’ll laugh and appreciate your silliness.

Life is so short. I get reminded of this, all too often, working with people in recovery. People die and it tugs so hard on my heart strings I sometimes can barely manage it…

BUT it also reminds me to live. To continue to BE LOVE and SHOW LOVE at every corner the world takes me. To cease the day. To make a difference in people’s lives because in direct correlation with that comes a passion for igniting people’s senses – it makes me feel so good. It also reminds me of all the good happening out here. Without darkness one can not appreciate the light.

Love is the answer.


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