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I’m Different now, is That OK?

Post-treatment, the world you go back to can feel like a culture shock. Let me elaborate on this further.

Close to the end of their stay, some clients begin to reflect on how their lives might look and feel like once they are back in their day to day lives. They feel different now, and some actually feel like a completely different person. Fears begin to arise about how they will now fit into the world they had left behind just a few short weeks ago.

Will I like my friends now? Will they like me? What if they don’t want me around anymore now that I don’t want to drink/ use with them? What if I don’t want some of my friends? How about my family members?

These and other similar questions and concerns are natural. The process of adapting back to your life is necessary and, in fact, part of your journey from addiction to truly healthy and fulfilling living.

Yes, you might lose some of your friends and very likely, you might choose to let go of some others. This letting go is going to free up time and energy to strengthen the friendships you keep. The journey you are on is one of quality versus quantity and healthy, truly supportive relationships are your immune system against isolation, low self-worth, and addiction.

Who we have around us (and how they treat us) directly impacts our quality of living.

Ask yourself these questions: What matters to me the most? What are the guiding principles of my life? What needs to come at the top of my priorities list so that I can have the life I want and deserve?

Some of your answers might be: Kindness, loyalty, trust, honesty, health, love, family.

Once you have some clarity on this, the next step is to adjust your behaviors and your relationships so that they are in line with the vision for your life.

When we know what our deal breakers are when it comes to how others treat us, we are connected to our healthy “no” about certain things. And with this, our “yes” becomes stronger and clearer. We are now in a position to cultivate and cherish what’s truly good for us.

Yes, now you are different and you have a refreshed outlook on life. Leaving behind what’s not working is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

Along the way, there might be conflicts to face and some anger, frustration, tears, and lots of grief to feel as you let go of what no longer serves you. Some days you will be good at saying “no,” and other days it could feel like hell. Some days, you will miss those you left behind, other days you will recognize how good of a decision you had made for yourself. Some days, leaving behind the person you used to be will feel like death, other days, it will feel like celebration and gratitude.

And one day, these ups and downs are going to settle and you will feel a deep peacefulness take root within. So much will have changed in your life by then except for who you’ve always been.

By giving a chance to who you truly are and always have been, you will have transformed your life. Trust the deep, quiet voice within.

Your authentic self knows the way by heart. 

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