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Our Facility

It is important that clients complete treatment. By doing so, clients not only receive the full benefit of treatment, but also a sense of accomplishment that will help them get through the inevitable challenges that await them at home.

At Sunshine Coast Health Center, we have intentionally designed our facility so that clients are motivated to stay, rather than feeling obligated. Our well-maintained facility and property keep distractions to a minimum so that clients and staff can focus on the primary task at hand: a client’s healing and growth.

This virtual tour is an example of our commitment to transparency. After all, treatment is difficult enough without surprises.

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I had preconceived notions of me hopping a fence in the middle of the rain with kleenex box shoes, but I was pleasantly surprised. Every preconceived notion I had was blown out of the water. The food is amazing, the staff is amazing, the weather’s been amazing, so that’s been a big factor in my recovery. This place has exceeded expectation of mine. This would definitely be a place that I would refer others to.

- Lee

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