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Why This Is Important For You:

Our Facility

It is important that clients complete treatment. By doing so, clients not only receive the full benefit of treatment, but also a sense of accomplishment that will help them get through the inevitable challenges that await them at home.

At Sunshine Coast Health Center, we have intentionally designed our facility so that clients are motivated to stay, rather than feeling obligated. Our well-maintained facility and property keep distractions to a minimum so that clients and staff can focus on the primary task at hand: a client’s healing and growth.

This virtual tour is an example of our commitment to transparency. After all, treatment is difficult enough without surprises.

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I have benefitted greatly from my time at SCHC and met wonderful people whose help and advice has stayed with me since I was there (about six years ago now). The staff and my peers helped me gain a very important perspective on my alcohol use issues. The program made it all the more vital to me, and the environment was exactly what I needed – not just the physical environment, but the staff that were there to help me.

- John

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