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Vacation Vibrancy: A Reminder to Live Meaningfully Each Day

I have just returned from a two week holiday to Mazatlan, Mexico. Like many of those who head south during our winter months, I am a few shades browner and feeling rejuvenated. However, the truly lasting lesson from being immersed in the Mexican culture for half a month was a general reminder to live vibrantly and find pleasure, joy, and laughter in everyday life.

Throughout my adventures, and misadventures in Mazatlan, I was continually inspired by the ability of the Mexican people to absorb every last ounce of what was happening around them; have a sort of ever presence in the moment. Simple acts like stopping to share a chat with a stranger, exchanging a smile and a laugh with a co-worker, or making time for an intimate embrace with a loved one are all commonplace. Some of these people have very little in the way of what we westerners consider wealth, but, it is evident that they are deeply satisfied as a result of the moments they share with friends, family, and their immediate community. Damn! How we could learn a thing or two.

In Mexico, people play, move, dance, and sweat as often as possible. You can almost feel the warm, slow, and sensual beat of the city pulsing all day long. Like a pie out of the oven, it takes a little while to cool down. So, before I begin to feel the northern chill once more, I want to spread the warmth to those around me encouraging clients, friends, family, and anyone else who will listen, slow down, and take in the little things each day. Can you slow down and live with passion and vibrancy each and every day? Do you squeeze every drop out of your day? At the moment, I’m fresh out of the oven, but I plan to stay warm as long as possible and share a slice with who-ever is feeling cold and hungry. 🙂

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