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Toronto: Dinner Connections, Conversations, and Commitment

I’ve made a deal with myself. More recently it has come full circle and it is clear as day. Remove the mask, be who you are, no more apologies, live and be right here, right now.

This dinner was bittersweet for me. It was held on a client’s birthday who died in July. He would have been 36. He recommended this location a few years back and attended all the time. So we paid homage to his spirit, sang happy birthday to him, ate some dessert, and shared a moment together.

Looking around that room though it was clear. Life is about being present. I’m mindful that each person is giving a part of their life, their time, for each other – it is of great value. It was so powerful, clear, and evident to me and I took much joy out of that moment. The answers to life are there if you are willing to look, listen, and feel.

The most profound thing I took away from this night was that we have life. What we do with it is our choice. Surround yourself with like-minded people and people who mirror your higher interests. Choose to put the phone down and look up. Look in people’s eyes, smile, share that space and that moment in time wholeheartedly. As life goes, we are only guaranteed that moment together.

The dinner was impeccable, our bellies full, and the conversations so delightful that time that night got away from us. We were there later than any of my alumni dinners in the past 3 years of doing them. I’m thankful for these men and their recovery from addiction – whatever stage they are in.

They came from different parts of the city and Ontario to join us. It was remarkable – such commitment. Anyone who knows Ontario knows that the province, in distance, is practically the same as all the Western provinces combined.

So I am happy that I could bring a little piece of Powell River to this grand Canadian city. Every man that passes through our doors is loved, cared for, and supported. We will continue to stay committed to them and their continuity of care and to always actively pursue what’s in the best interest of them and their recovery.

Long Live the Legacy.

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