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The Road to Somewhere Special

It’s on the road again for me. It planes, it’s airports, it’s snow, it’s de-icing machines, it’s delayed, and it’s sprinting. From Powell River to Calgary to Toronto. It’s a day and half a night, a full moon and daylight savings time. Side note: Can we just stop with the daylight savings time already? Come on – Saskatchewan has it right!

Back to the story. It’s late check-ins, a restless sleep, and lots of city noises this small-town girl is unaccustomed to. BUT the payoff is always so EPIC.

The epic you ask? Epic because I get to see our clientele, our forever alumni, my people. I get to visit them in their cities. I get to see and hear their stories live and in-person – face-to-face. I get to hug them, hand them a Kleenex, cheer them on, and drink coffee – it’s SO EPIC.

These journeys are special to me and I hope that they are special to those I see. The travelling, the separation from my own family and colleagues, and the comforts of home – they are just a little bit easier to leave when I know that boots on the ground mean SOMETHING. There is this real crystal-clear meaning and purpose behind it all. Support always.

I’d happily be uncomfortable for moments of my life to share the love and be there for people. It’s a life of service that I am proud to be a part of.  It’s a big line-up of one-on-ones this time and I just can’t wait!

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