The Importance of Family, Friends, and Community

An Incredible Weekend

Mother’s Day and my birthday happened to fall on the same day for me this year! It also happened to fall on the Sunday of the 1st Annual Tink Memorial Cup in Powell River, BC. This soccer tournament was created to honour Toni Marciniak, a local man who had a very positive impact on many families and individuals in our town, as well as raise money for a scholarship that assists underprivileged kids in receiving post-secondary education.

It made for quite a memorable weekend. I celebrated a great man who was taken too early, thanked my mom and all moms for everything they do, and had an amazing crew present as I started my 32nd year. It was just EPIC in all senses! In all honesty, it was an emotional time for me that felt like the coming together of my friends, family and community. That’s what it’s all about. The sweet-spot!

Give and Take

The weekend also brought to light how lucky I am to have such strong ties in all three areas in my life. Of course, it takes commitment and effort to maintain these ties, but it’s not a burden when you absolutely LOVE it!!! With friends, family, and community, it is about contributing what you can when you can. There are times when others need our support, and we must be there to give it. When we develop these strong ties, support is returned out of love when we need it.

We Roll Deep

Take, for example, the Marciniak family who the Powell River Soccer community banded together to support through the difficult 1 year anniversary of the passing of their father, husband, friend, and so much more. It felt so good to be able to stand next to them in solidarity with smiles and hugs while sharing a memory about the great guy.

Shelter from the Storm

No one should stand alone in a wind storm. If we all huddle together, our chance of enduring the storm is just so much better. We shelter each other and wrap our arms around those who are the coldest, ensuring that not one person suffers needlessly. To me, that is what friends, family and community is all about. RIP – Gone but never forgotten.

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