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The Healing Container of an Inpatient Health Centre

An inpatient, live-in program offers benefits that would otherwise remain inaccessible to clients. Almost everyday I have clients tell me how great it feels to be a part of a community that lives and heals together.

It is very much possible to go to a counsellor once a week and still benefit from the gifts of psychotherapy. Yet it is something altogether different to live at a health centre for at least a full month!

Most of our clients are fascinated by how quickly they get to know their fellow clients as well as our lovely staff. When men come together for a shared purpose (to heal and grow) magic happens. The camaraderie that builds overtime becomes one of the most potent agents of support and change.

During our program, men support each other through thick and thin and create bonds some had never had before. A living, breathing community of those who are making the quality of their lives their top priority very quickly begins to feel like home.

As a staff member, I feel that way too.

Another wonderful gift of our live-in program is that our clients get to wrestle with and practise new skills while they are still with us. This gives them a chance to put new behaviors to the test right away and cultivate new awareness very quickly.    

An issue John has just worked on with his therapist at 10 AM this morning gets triggered during lunch. John is now aware of what’s happening for him. The next morning, in group therapy, he shares this with his peers and receives their immediate feedback. This feedback creates even more awareness in him. He is harnessing the power of the group. He has all the support he needs.

This feedback loop would have been impossible with weekly therapy.

Another advantage of a program like ours is that once you check-in to our centre, you don’t need to worry about anything other than receiving the support you seek. You are free from having to make meals, going to work, and all the other endless demands of daily life. You have the time to simply be. You have given yourself the gift of rest.

In daily life, you might be taking care of everybody. Here, we take care of you.

You are in a container of trust, safety, healing, and growth.

Moreover, you get to access the gym and the swimming pool where most amazing conversations happen and where meaningful friendships are formed. Some of our clients wake up at 5 AM and hit the gym! By 8 AM, they are more than ready for the day!

Some walk down to the beach for a refreshing dip in the ocean while another group might be seated around the fire, telling stories and jokes in a circle of men they can trust. As they look towards the water, they spot orcas passing by. Now the binoculars are coming out as well as phones.

Before you know, it’s dinner time.

Have I told you we are well-known for how good our food is? And yes, we serve night time snacks, too!

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