When gentlemen leave our center and express words of gratitude and appreciation, I think to myself, there is no doubt that our staff has made a difference in their lives. When I continually hear praise and thankfulness for the care, it dawns on me – what a team we have! We are able to create this environment by developing key values into our program (transparency, excellence, connection, respect, empathy and dignity). These values are something we take great pride in.

These odes of gratitude come from an unpretentious place and are for everyone. From nursing to admissions, housekeeping to drivers, doctors, counsellors and cooks. Our goal is to help our clientele become the best version of themselves. Our philosophy isn’t about strict rules and confrontational style treatment; it is sustained by compassion and humanistic-based quality care. In continuing this quality care, our staff is provided with on-going coaching classes and self-awareness workshops so we, too, can be healthy and supportive, with continued growth, for our clients. Our belief is in the evidence, which states that healthy relationships are a powerful instrument for helping someone change their behaviour.

This is a beautiful thing to watch, but more so to be a part of. I watch as every single staff member comes together, creating an environment that cannot be measured or bought. It is an environment driven by hope; we are healers and we work from the heart. It is our belief that clientele should receive the best of our facilities and we continue to hold high standards for ourselves as clients have a right to that level of care consistently.

Yes, I am biased, but I hear it everyday and that makes it true enough for me. I hear it through many different venues. Whether it is our chats in treatment, at Alumni gatherings, or with our clients after they have gone. I hear it all the time and I’m proud to be a part of such a beautiful transformational process –their journey is our journey. Today I’m a proud team member and I’m proud of our team.


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