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Taking Steps towards Recovery from Alcohol or Drugs While Balancing Your Career

Going to drug rehab or alcohol treatment can have so many emotions attached to it. Shame, guilt, denial, fear, and many other emotions may prevent and delay us from accessing support in the first moments we realize we need it. Yet sometimes there are other – less emotional – reasons keeping us from improving our health, well-being, and overall lives. Sometimes our responsibilities – like our career, putting food on the table, and keeping a rooftop over our head – continue to take precedent even if we suffer in the meantime. In busy “career-minded” cities like Vancouver or Toronto, this is all the more true but even in small towns in British Columbia or Alberta, people still feel career pressures that can work against recovery efforts.

Working While in Treatment

Even if it sounds like an obvious choice to some, taking an extended leave from work can be a tough decision to arrive at even if it’s the “right” one. That’s why, at our non-12 step program, we offer clients the ability to work while in treatment. As our client and alumni services manager, Jaymie, describes in her blog, clients are provided the freedom and opportunity to fulfill work responsibilities.

Work and Health Balance

The amount of time spent working is expected to be within reason and to not take priority over individual programming and therapy. Many clients enjoy this feature and work well within our guidelines. Many express a sigh of relief as they were afraid they’d be cut off from the outside world once in treatment, since many treatment centres operate under old conventions and prohibit access to fitness, technology, and any behaviours believed to “distract” individuals. While our primary drug rehab and alcohol treatment facility is located in Powell River, BC, we help people from all over Canada with addiction. Whether you’re in Vancouver or Victoria, Edmonton or Calgary, contact us to explore your options, including the life/work/addiction juggle.

Are you in need of treatment, but can’t foresee yourself leaving work for an extended period? Are you able to work away from the office? Contact us and we can discuss a treatment plan that allows you to work on your health without having to leave your career.

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