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Addiction and Recovery: Meaningful Work

August 22, 2010

Geoff Thompson, Program Director for the Sunshine Coast Health Centre, concludes his four part series on the link between meaningful work, happiness and recovery. One of the things that Geoff has noticed with clients is
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Taking Stock: Two Years of the Alumni Online Program

March 22, 2010

By Geoff Thompson – MA, CCC Program Director Sunshine Coast Health Center One of the beneficial things to do in recovery is occasionally to pause and reflect on how your life is going. Many in
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Meaning and How To Apply it To Addiction Recovery

August 3, 2009

Dr. Paul T.P. Wong’s Meaning Management Theory (MMT) says that we have to manage how we seek meaning and create meaning. We need to manage this part of our lives because “Life is too short and
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An Insider’s Look at Addiction

October 30, 2008

Geoff Thompson, Program Director at Sunshine Coast Health Center, talks about Meaning Centered Therapy (MCT) and its application to addiction treatment.

Action as the Key to Addiction Recovery

September 4, 2008

Geoff Thompson, Program Director of Sunshine Coast Health Center, explains why it is so important for clients of residential treatment to take action after they have returned to their home community.

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The family component fits beautifully with a holistic approach to addiction treatment and it would be incomplete without it. I found it very useful to me personally, and I know that it will help me to support Glen in his recovery in a productive way. I found the information enlightening, the skills practical, and the warm camaraderie with people who had been through the same sort of thing a great source of comfort. I find myself with a new sense of calm, and confidence in our future, that I haven’t felt in a long time. I would recommend this program to anyone with addiction in their life. In fact, Glen and I have talked about how useful it would be for most anyone, regardless of the addiction component.

- Brenda

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