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Happiness in Recovery: More than Just Being Abstinent

May 18, 2016

Many of our online alumni support programs focus on “positive change.” By practicing these new ideas, clients learn to apply some of the leading-edge approaches in psychology developed by researchers who have recognized that being “disease-free”
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Addiction & Families: Gratitude

September 4, 2009

Cathy Patterson-Sterling, Director of Family Services for Sunshine Coast Health Centre, discusses why it is so important to be aware of the abundance of good things in our lives and to have a level of gratitude.

Our Addiction Treatment Philosophy

February 19, 2009

Daniel Jordan, General Manager at Sunshine Coast Health Center, discusses the process of creating a new corporate brochure, particularly the challenge of coming up with a corporate philosophy.

Practicing Positive Change

December 24, 2008

Geoff Thompson, Program Director at Sunshine Coast Health Center, talks about practicing the traits of positive change (including gratitude, humility, forgiveness and tolerance) so that they become second nature to you.

Gratitude and Anticipation: A Practical Approach

December 17, 2008

By Daniel Jordan I came across this video featuring Gary Wood, author of Don’t Wait for Your Ship to Come In: Swim Out to Meet It, and thought that it was worth a look for two
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The Need for Instant Gratification with Addiction

December 15, 2008

By Cathy Patterson-Sterling, MA, RCC Director of Family Services – Sunshine Coast Health Center I am often asked by family members of loved ones with addictions if there are any common characteristics that I believe
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John Demartini on Gratitude

November 28, 2008

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow, speaks about positive psychology.

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When I left SCHC this past fall, I felt as though I could tackle the world, let go of the demons, love myself, and was ready to begin a new life. Well, life throws many curve balls and after 6 months of sobriety, even though I was close to the best spiritual and physical shape in my life, I gave into boredom and loneliness because I forgot about my support system and aftercare. I returned back to SCHC for an alumni stay to get my head back in the game. Thank you, SCHC for an amazing alumni program for returnees.

- Will

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