Staying Hungry: What Steady Gym Goers Know That You Don’t



The Truth About Goals

Goals are useful. They give us a target to reach for. Something tangible that we can point to for all our efforts. I’ve seen many clients here at SCHC reach their goals through continued effort, dedication, and discipline. However, believe it or not, that is not my ultimate objective. While goals are great motivators, they are typically finite. So, you can guess what often happens when they are achieved.

Discomfort Breeds Strength

What I hope for and envision for all clients who pass through our doors is something much deeper and enduring. In pursuit of achievement, it is my hope that clients discover a love of the way they feel as they push themselves past their comfort zone. There is something extremely valuable about getting comfortable with discomfort. Much of our lives are extremely comfortable, so willingly choosing discomfort builds our strength of spirit.

An Endless Pursuit

It is this internal challenge and finding the keys to unlock our true potential that is most rewarding. Reeling in a goal is fantastic. You should revel in that feeling when you reach a milestone. Those who remain fit view it as having a delicious slice of cheesecake after devouring a massive rib eye. The dessert is great, but that steak is what will keep you coming back.

Stay Hungry.

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