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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Private Drug Rehab:

Staff Qualifications

The following questions are good questions to ask private adult addiction treatment providers in Canada:

Consumer Protection Question #1: Do you Have a Clinical/Program Director? What are his/her credentials?

Rationale: Typically, a clinical/program director is responsible for overseeing, supporting, and maintaining the quality of care for a program. A clinical/program director may have an advanced degree in a related field, like clinical psychology, and may be involved in providing individual therapy, assessment and consultation, staff training and development, and managing or supervising program components.

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Staff & Facility

In order to run an effective residential treatment program, you need to have outstanding staff and a therapeutic setting.

Meet the Staff at our Drug Rehabilitation Program

You can’t run a drug rehab program without capable staff, especially when treating other mental health issues such as trauma and depression. Our commitment to the whole human being means having staff who specialize in the physical (medical, fitness, diet), the psychological (psychotherapy), social, and spiritual aspects of recovery. Psychotherapists at Sunshine Coast Health Centre must have a minimum of a master’s degree. See below, for a current list of all of our staff, including a mini-bio and their e-mail.


Clinical Management

Geoff Thompson Geoff Thompson, Ph.D, CCC
Program Director

Clinical Staff

Tatiana Tsarouk Tatiana Tsarouk, Ph.D
Sara K KlinkhamerSara Klinkhamer, MA, RCC
Quyn Lê ErichsenQuyn Lê Erichsen, M.Ed., RCC

Adjunct Therapists

Sears Taylor Sears Taylor, MA
Consulting Psychotherapist
Susan Forsberg Susan Forsberg
Art Expression


Jacques du Toit Jacques du Toit, MD
Medical Director
Stuart Howard Stuart Howard, MD, FRCP (c)
Jennifer Herron Jennifer Herron, LPN
Medical Unit Manager


Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan
Director of Strategic Development
Casey Jordan Casey Jordan, MA
Marketing & Communications Director
Sara Brown Sara Brown
Admissions Coordinator
Naomi Daigneault Naomi Daigneault, BA
Assistant Administrator


Kye Taylor Kye Taylor, B.Sc. (Kin.)
Davis Briscoe Davis Briscoe
Massage & Laser Therapy
Bianca HoppeBianca Hoppe
Fitness Consultant
Mackenzie AlsagerMackenzie Alsager, RMT
Health and Wellness Manager


Rick Hillerin Rick Hillerin
Client Services Case Manager
Jaymie Bryan
Client Services and Alumni Manager
Monique Harwood-LynnMonique Harwood-Lynn
Client Services Case Manager

Client Reviews About the Staff

The entire center, the staff, the owners, you know I couldn’t possibly pick the best part. They were all instrumental in helping me turn things around.


I can’t say enough good things about not just the counsellors, but the staff too. Everyone here is so willing to help and go that extra mile. Even though there may be 20 or 30 people here at a time, it feels it’s just you sometimes. I can really appreciate that, because I need it right now. I’m broken and I don’t need to be fixed, but I need to know how to have the tools to fix myself and that’s the biggest thing that they did here and I really appreciated that.


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I am now much more optimistic about my loved one’s recovery. I found the Family Program facilitator to be so honest and open. There wasn’t any arrogance in his approach and he really wasn’t judgmental. That is so important when dealing with people with addictions who already feel bad about themselves and think everyone is judging them.

- Libby

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