Sober Sports – What is it Exactly?

If you’re not in recovery, the concept of Sober Sports is one you may not have considered. However, if you take a close look at sports games, beer leagues, team sports, etc., you’ll begin to notice how intertwined sports and alcohol are. And for those in recovery who love sports, it can be a challenging world to navigate.

Individuals in recovery deserve to have fun and experience the benefits that come with being active, without having to worry about their sobriety while doing it.

In this blog, we will explain what Sober Sports is, along with its mission, goals, and values.


Sober Sports states through its website a mission to utilize sport and recreation as foundations for addiction recovery support. It isn’t necessarily about the sports themselves, but rather the proven benefits of physical activity. Especially for those in recovery.

Alongside the benefits of staying active, Sober Sports provides a safe space for mental and emotional support. Being able to have fun and play sports with people on a similar journey is not only important but an opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals. 

A group of men participating in Sober Sports


By providing a safe space for those in recovery, participants can truly experience and enjoy the physical, emotional, and social benefits of recreational sports. They can immerse themselves in a supportive environment and develop a sense of community. It’s also loads of fun!

Having a weekly meet-up to simply have fun in a sober setting is a great thing to look forward to. It’s another option for recovery support outside of online or in-person meetings.


The benefits of being physically active are undeniable, not only for the body but for the brain as well. Activity can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hormonal imbalances. Reducing the risk for disease is important for everyone – not only for those in recovery.

Not only can the risk of disease be reduced, but an increase in self-esteem, improved sleep, and a stronger heart can all come from staying active. For those struggling with substance use, these benefits can all aid in a stronger commitment to recovery.

A group of men in recovery participating in Sober Sports


Sunshine Coast Health Centre offers an extensive alumni program to help clients who come through our centre best succeed. Even after they’ve completed treatment with us. In addition to peer-support meetings, we saw an opportunity to offer recovery supportive activities that also promote physical health, and in turn, mental health.

Recovery doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of viewing life of recovery as a loss of excitement through substance use, Sober Sports aims to provide an enjoyable and supportive environment of fun.

For more information and how to join the Sober Sports community, visit their website. And remember to have fun!

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