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SCHC, a Top-rated Trauma and PTSD Treatment Centre in British Columbia, Canada, Announces New Sleep Treatment Options

Sunshine Coast Health Centre (SCHC), a best-in-class trauma and PTSD treatment program located in Powell River BC Canada, is proud to announce renewed sleep treatment options for its clients. Many clients who come to the center with trauma, PTSD, drug rehab, or alcohol treatment needs may also be experiencing sleep issues. The renewed focus on sleep problems helps clients deal with any interrelated issues that involve sleep problems.
“Restful sleep is fundamental to good mental health,” explained Casey Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer. “Our renewed focus on sleep emphasizes how our treatment for PTSD, trauma, and substance abuse is done in a holistic way for each client. We work with the client to treat their mental health as a whole, not just their PTSD or trauma.”
Interested persons can read more about the Centre’s sleep options at https://www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca/sleep-hygiene/. That page explains as follows. Sleep disorders are common in addiction recovery. In fact, many clients struggle with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is both a common and chronic condition that many people experience. It is estimated that approximately 80% of people with obstructive sleep apnea are undiagnosed. The prevalence of OSA is higher among people with other health issues such as hypertension, obesity, congestive heart failure, Type 2 Diabetes, and other conditions. Symptoms can include snoring, tiredness throughout the day, high blood pressure, morning headaches, breathing issues while sleeping (observed and reported by others), as well as a high body weight and BMI. If a client reports sleep apnea and other sleep disorders upon arrival, the Centre will work with them to address any issues. There are a wide variety of options for treating snoring and/or sleep apnea. In collaboration with Careica Health, the Centre has several methods to choose from to make restful sleep a goal of treatment.
Those interested in learning more about the trauma and/or PTSD services can visit the information page at https://www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca/occupational-trauma-ptsd/, and it should also be noted that the Centre focuses on men only in its drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment services provided at Powell River, BC. Women who suffer from these issues can visit the Centre’s sister website at https://georgiastraitwomensclinic.ca/, which offers best-in-class therapy options for Canadian women. It is also located in Powell River, BC.
Sunshine Coast Health Centre (http://www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca) is a 47-bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility exclusively designed for men, officially opened on the 15th of March 2004. The Centre has a philosophy of care that goes beyond just addiction to include personal transformation based on three key therapeutic principles: interpersonal relatedness, self definition (autonomy & competence), and intrinsic motivation. The Centre offers both drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment near Vancouver, BC, but serving patients across Canada, particularly British Columbia and Alberta and cities such as Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Sunshine Coast Health Centre uses a form of drug rehabilitation based on the research of Viktor Frankl and methodology of Paul T.P. Wong, namely ‘Meaning ¬≠Centered Therapy’.

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