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Relapse Services


If you have been through treatment before, the following scenario may seem familiar:

You enter treatment. You’ve resigned yourself to feeling hopeless about your life or anxious about the future. During treatment, these feelings start to lift. In fact, you haven’t felt this good for years. As you leave treatment, you feel ready to tackle the mess you left at home, confident that the negative thoughts and feelings that led you to drugs and alcohol are behind you.

After you get home, however, you start to feel frustrated that you’ve changed but everything else is the same. The support that you turned to in treatment (your peer group, your counsellor, etc.) is no longer there. Over time, you grow increasingly disillusioned and hope is replaced with disappointment. You decide to tough it out and fix the problem yourself. You miss counselling appointments. You no longer spend time with sober friends and family. You stop going to meetings.

What happens next depends on the individual. However, if relapse is the eventual outcome there’s no need to feel ashamed or doomed to failure. We don’t shy away from the “R” word. Our programs are designed specifically to address relapse.

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The following relapse prevention options are available:


While a client’s initial treatment is intended as a foundation for recovery, the residential alumni program offers alumni the unique opportunity to deconstruct their relapse or slip. As a client progresses through the alumni program, he will go through (1) a period of stabilization, then (2) therapy designed to help turn a relapse into a teachable moment followed by (3) developing practical tools to strengthen his recovery lifestyle. To encourage clients to return, Sunshine Coast offers a significant price reduction for the residential alumni program, an expedited admission process * and a flexible length of stay.

Varying lengths of stay are available for alumni programs but will be approved by clinical staff on an individual basis. The Alumni Program fee does not include medical detoxification. Please call Admissions toll-free at 1-866-487-9010 for more information.

Admission Criteria

  • Successful completion of any residential program offered at Sunshine Coast Health Centre
  • Satisfactory funding plan prior to admission
  • Medically stabilized at time of admission *

Clients will need to re-apply for admission to the Alumni Program even if they have completed treatment at Sunshine Coast Health Centre.

*Additional medical detoxification charges will be applied if client is not medically stable as determined by the admitting nurse. For more information contact admissions toll-free at 1.866.487.9010.

Program Fee

For more information on the fee for the Alumni Program, contact Admissions toll-free at 1-866-487-9010 or refer to the Fee Schedule section.

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Exclusive to Sunshine Coast Health Centre, alumni are welcome to take advantage of free refresher stays to reconnect, regroup and reground with staff and peers. Refresher weekend program participants are encouraged to attend large group activities and share their stories as a way of giving back.

Varying lengths of stay are available for alumni programs but will be approved by clinical staff on an individual basis. Please call to make a reservation two weeks in advance. Clients who have experienced emotional or physical relapse are recommended to participate in the residential alumni program. Alumni must have at least 90 days sobriety in order to attend for a refresher weekend. Please call Admissions toll-free at 1-866-487-9010 for more information.

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As an alumnus, we recognize that it is often difficult to maintain the sense of renewal and hope you experienced living within the friendly confines of Sunshine Coast Health Centre. You may be frustrated that the world you have returned to does not seem all that different from the one you left. Moreover, relationships, financial and health challenges may be complicating your recovery. During these difficult times, clients soon discover the benefit of having developed tools and support beforehand. However, alumni may only later come to realize they are unprepared for life after treatment. Other clients may only discover after a slip or relapse has occurred in spite of their best intentions. When called upon, we are here to assist clients and family members get back on track.


For more information e-mail us at or call us toll-free at 1.866.487.90505.

For information on relapse prevention that is more general in nature, visit the Psychological Modalities section.

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Hi, I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the weekend. I learned a lot about myself and ways to handle things when I get home. I was mentally exhausted before I came and after but at least now I have a peace of mind. Thank you for that.

- Lynn

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