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Programs & Services FAQ


Is This a Religious Program?

Spiritual, yes. Religious, no. There is a difference. Clients wanting to attend any local church or place of worship on Sunday may do so but attendance is optional.

The spiritual part of our program focuses on clients finding meaning in purpose in their lives (a reason to stop using drugs or alcohol) as well as deeper connection with others. We call this humanism or secular spirituality. Please call Admissions if further clarification on the spiritual aspects of our program is required.

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What do you mean by the word “program?”

We use the word “program” to mean a “formally organized array of services and interventions provided in a coherent manner at a specific level of care (e.g. residential) in order to address the needs of a particular target population (e.g. adult men). A program has its own staff competencies, policies, and procedures. Programs may be operated publicly (Provinces and cities) or privately. A single agency (typically government agencies) may operate many different programs because of multiple target populations or levels of care.”

Source: Definitions and Terms Relating to Co-Occurring Disorders, COCE Overview Paper 1 (2006) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, DHHS Publication No. (SMA) 06-4163

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What is a Typical Day Like in Your Program?

A typical day starts at 7 AM with breakfast, continues with education and group until noon, lunch, then group until mid-afternoon with time allowed for individual therapy, massage, ozone, medical appointments, and trips to town which all concludes in time for dinner at 5 PM. Evenings are typically spent attending meetings in town (3 a week), or participating in art expression classes (min. 1 a week). Off-site recreation activities are held once or twice a week such as swimming at the recreation complex or beach, hikes, or mini-golf (depending on the season). Movie night is Saturday night. Refer to the Weekly Client Schedule for details.

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I am Easily Bored. What Can I Do in My Free Time?

Boredom does not seem to be a problem in our program. If you are not participating in the activities mentioned above, there is always the gym, socializing with your peers, board games, cards, guitars, videos, homework, calling home, or doing your laundry.

Of course, recovery from addiction is not just about keeping busy. If you struggle with boredom, we’re committed to helping you discover a new lifestyle that balances the need to be “doing” with the rewards of quiet reflection and connecting with others.

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I Want to Get Back in Shape. What’s Available?

Your stay at Sunshine Coast Health Center is a great time to get in shape. Our fully equipped fitness center includes free weights, nautilus equipment, and cardio equipment. Take advantage of our medical staff to quit smoking, lose weight, and start eating more sensibly. Daily walks, trips to the Powell River Recreation Complex, and outdoor trips round are some of the activities that can help you regain physical health. Just as importantly, these activities will help you create a positive lifestyle alternative when you return to your home community.

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Is There a Program for Families?

Yes. We believe in empowering families to begin their own process of healing from the days and nights of living with, or worrying over, a loved one’s addiction. The Family & Couples Program is offered on a regular basis to friends, family members, partners, and employers of clients participating in a residential program.

For a schedule of the Family & Couples Program contact the Admissions Coordinator, toll-free at 1.866.487.9010.

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What Can I Expect From the Family & Couples Program?

The three day Family Program is designed for family members, partners, and close personal friends who have been impacted by the addiction of another person who is now in treatment at Sunshine Coast. This program is of essential benefit to loved ones of people with addictions so that they can learn about the addiction, understand the impact of addiction on their relationships, begin the process of healing from emotional burn-out, and focus on how to prepare for life after individuals complete treatment. The atmosphere of the Family Program is a supportive environment whereby family members and partners learn how to begin their journeys of healing. Individuals do not have to share close personal details if they do not want to and they will not be labeled or told that they have a dysfunction themselves. Family program facilitators provide concrete skills and information that will help group members build on their own existing strengths while also providing them with a roadmap for the healing journey ahead. The overall tone of the family program is positive and productive.

Contact Us for the dates of the next available Family & Couples Program.

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I Have Been Reading About Different Models of Family Programs. What type of Family Program does Sunshine Coast Offer?

The Sunshine Coast Health Center Family & Couples Program is based on the family systems model, network therapy and multiple family therapy. Network therapy defines “family” as significant others including friends, extended families, and immediate family.

For more information visit the Psychological Modalities section.

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What Happens After I Complete the Program?

Our clinical team is committed to ensuring that you are prepared for the “real world” and that you have the necessary supports in place to maintain your sobriety.

In the last two weeks of your stay, you will team up with a Client Care Manager who will assist you in connecting with resources in your home community such as counselling, meetings, fitness centres, etc.

For clients requiring transitional living, your counsellor and clinical supervisor will assist you in finding the right program in the community of your choice.

During the final stage of your residential stay, we will also assist you in preparing for the Alumni Online Support Program, which is web-based support program that helps you stay connected with Sunshine Coast staff as you continue to explore important aspects of growth and healing in recovery. Online Support is available for as long as you maintain a current email address with us.

Family Online Support is also available for partners and family members who complete the Family Program. Both Online Support programs are included in the residential program fee.

Sunshine Coast Health Center maintains one of the largest databases of addiction resources in Canada at the Canada Drug Rehab website.

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I Don’t Eat Pork. Is That a Problem?

No. We recognize that religious practices prohibit the consumption of certain foods so clients are provided an alternative menu. Please keep in mind, however, that our neither our kitchen nor food are halal- or kosher-approved.

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What’s the Food Like?

Food is prepared fresh daily with breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snack breaks (morning, afternoon and evening). Meals are presented plate service as opposed to buffet style.

Based on the availability of certain foods, we have a summer menu plan and a winter menu plan. In each seasonal plan there are eight weekly menu options to ensure variety. For details see our sample menu plan.

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What Is Your Success Rate? How Can I Compare Your Success Rate to Others?

Our internal research with clients who have completed our program indicate that 54.8 percent of clients who complete treatment are still sober five years later. That may seem low but it is actually far above the industry average. Don’t be fooled by treatment centres boasting of 80 or 90 percent success rates.

For more information on this important topic and to see our success rate refer to the document Comparing Success Rates of Treatment Centers.

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Topics in the Travel FAQ section include:

  • About Powell River
  • Travel From the USA
  • Transferring in Vancouver
  • Travel & Accommodations in Powell River


See the Travel FAQ section for details.

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Topics in the Admissions, Fees, and Policy FAQ section include:

  • Admissions (getting started, wait list, kinds of drugs we treat, clients we accept)
  • Fees
  • Length of Stay
  • Policy (use of substances before admission, privacy, phone privileges, things to bring/not to bring)


See the Admissions & Fees FAQ section.

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I have done many kinds of personal development over the years and I would say that the weekend that I spent at the Sunshine Coast Health Center was the best (I could have saved myself a lot of money). It was just the boost I needed for this transitional period of my life. I have already started on my goals and I am so excited about the future. No matter what happens with myself and John I know life will be good. Keep doing what you do. There is nothing like helping people to learn to love themselves again!

- Sara

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