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Overcoming the Emergency Room Blues

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Once again, I find myself sitting in the sterile and uniquely boring confines of a Canadian Emergency Room. I make small talk with others to both pass the time and to lighten the mood. For the group of us who have non life threatening injuries, our plight is certain – perpetual waiting in limbo. With a name like “The Waiting Room”, what did we really expect?!

It is the uncertainty and lack of communication that ultimately makes it such a difficult place for many. For some time now, I have chosen to see it as a test of character and a challenge to overcome. Maintaining a positive outlook really has much to do with how one frames the situation. For instance, I can choose to see all of the many faults and frustrations with the ER experience, or I can choose to see the good.

Eventually, my number was called, my body tested and treatment/consultation given for free (or at least a nominal cost). We must remember that we are fortunate to live in such an amazing country with oh so many benefits and advantages when compared with many others around the world. As a wise woman once said to me when about the dream of winning the lottery – “You already won the lottery when you were born in Canada.”

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