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Our blog is a space for us to discuss various topics surrounding addiction and drug use in society, addiction treatment, and addiction recovery. To read blogs written by our staff, visit the SCHC Blog.

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Alumni Events

We host monthly alumni events throughout Canada. To see when and where we meet up next, contact Jaymie and the alumni department at

Family & Couples Program

Sunshine Coast Family & Couples Program Family Program is offered approximately every 4 weeks. The Family Program begins on the Friday and runs through to Sunday afternoon. Couples Day begins on the Monday following the completion of Family Program. Participants in Couples Day must first complete Family Program and is open to partners or spouses of clients in the residential program.

For Family & Couples Program dates please visit our Facebook calendar (click on the timeline at the bottom of the calendar to navigate through the dates). To register click here for the Family & Couples Program registration form. For more information call toll-free 1(866) 487-9050 ext. 209 or e-mail us at

Friends of Sunshine Coast Professional Workshops

Our program is based on an existential-positive psychology model of treatment. Every two years, we and other psychotherapists and psychology researchers gather for the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) conference. If our treatment philosophy resonates with you, we encourage you to attend with us. For details, please visit

Do you have a psychotherapy event you would like to promote? Contact Casey Jordan at

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I wanted to thank you for the hospitality afforded me during my stay on campus. It was a treat to get to see and hang out with everyone. You folks are doing good and powerful work there. You’re changing people’s lives and creating hope where despair and desperation had ruled. I will never forget you for giving me my life back and facilitating the relationship with my God that saved my life. I love you all– each and every one of you for giving so much of yourselves to save me and the many other fortunate clients who have been blessed by spending time with you all.

- Terrace, BC

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