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Music Soothes the Soul

There’s something special happening. Right here. Right now.

The strum of a guitar catches my ear, then another guitar catches my interest and I pull myself away from my desk and let the music guide me. There is a captivated audience already and I’m pulled all the way in. The melody of their voices merged together and I felt like I was present at a private and intimate concert.

They sing as if they’ve known each other their whole lives, they play like they’ve played together before, and they both play from their heart. Their voices merge, their stories similar, and their struggle the same, but what they have captured here in this moment is strength. They have captured the essence of music. That no one has to play alone, that music brings people together, that it soothes the soul, and that it can tame the wildest beast.

It is one of those moments that forces itself in your mind forever. The picture of strength, the idea of solidarity, community, the brotherhood, and the moments that turn into cherished memories.

I’m a sap on a good day, but today I felt the music and relished in the meaning behind its power. What I had witnessed was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. It was raw. It was art. It was courage. It was love.

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