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Meet our Staff: Keith Martin

Can you tell us what you do at SCHC?

Of course! My name is Keith Martin and I’ve been a support staff member here, at SCHC, for just over a year and a half. Examples of my duties include keeping the facility tidy, running errands, administering medication, and picking up new clients. My face is often the first one our clients see.

How did you hear About SCHC and what Would you like to Share About your Experiences?

My mother Tracy Martin, SCHC’s Nursing Director, started here when it first opened and I was in high school still. So over the years, by proximity, I had been exposed to the business, the environment, the structure and its evolution into an effective means of providing people with the tools they need for recovery. I’ve always admired the work that SCHC does as well as its methods and now I get to see the progress and results of it every day. I digress.

IMG_5109After high school I got into varying fields of work all over the province and none of them felt very rewarding. In late 2014 I was lucky enough to be available when a casual position opened up in order to cover another staff member’s holidays. I’m now working full time evenings.

Last Thoughts

I quickly realized the amount of opportunity provided by SCHC and recognized that I was taking part in improving, and in some cases saving, the lives of a whole demographic that is misjudged and misunderstood by much of the world. That, in itself, is reward enough. Long story longer, I wouldn’t trade my experience at SCHC for anything.


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