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It’s More Than Just Maintenance

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Spring is in the Air

At SCHC, and on the Coast in general, spring is a special time of year. Signals that another winter has passed come in waves throughout March and April. The first beach day, the first flowers blooming, and backyard fires are all symbolic of long summer days just around the corner; a welcome reward for enduring the damp grey winter. However, perhaps the most telling sign that we have survived another winter on the coast is when Andy and the crew begin their annual construction projects.

Breaking Down to Build Up

Currently, there are bricks flying from atop the roof next to my office window. Some might be alarmed or even frightened at the clay and mortar falling from the sky, but it brings me great joy. Of course, for me, any sort of destruction or construction is a cause for excitement, but also that I know that it won’t be long now until the temperatures climb and the sunsets slide later into the evening.

Restoration Property

In nature, Spring means that the plants and animals are starting anew. The accumulated moisture combined with warming temperatures brings life and restoration to the world around us. In similar fashion, our property, personnel, and program are all re-invigorated to take on another year. The Sober Living building is currently getting a facelift and maintenance staff are diligently working to ensure that our facilities continue to be absolutely top notch. To the untrained eye, our maintenance staff may be seen as peripheral to the rest, but those of us who work here know that they are essential to our facility’s operations. Without the hard and dedicated work of those who maintain the property of SCHC, the rest of us simply cannot do our job to the best of our ability.

Three Cheers for the Construction Crew

So, today, I tip my cap to those above me hurling bricks mere feet from my window and salute you in your tireless efforts to ensure that SCHC has an unrivalled setting in which to conduct the important work that we do. From all of us, thank you!!

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