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Humboldt Bronco’s Jersey Day

As I sit here at the window of my hotel room, I see droves of people walk by in jerseys. Halifax, on the other side of Canada, is coming together. Supporting Humboldt, Saskatchewan, and the families of the lost and injured.

A true Canadian tragedy.

Hockey, the cornerstone of our country, is mourning the loss together with these families. People we may or may not know personally, yet we mourn together. We will come together, coast to coast to coast and we will love and support those families. We will wrap our arms around them, soothe them with our large hearts, and we will sit with them through this tragedy.

I walk downstairs to the lobby and there leaned against the wall are 9 hockey sticks. Guests in jerseys and green and gold ribbons are adorned on the staff.

Solidarity. Love. Support. It is something I feel in my country all the time, but more so right now. It is how we get through the tough times – together, never alone.

My heart has ached since hearing the news from that Saturday. I hope we continue to hold these families close in our hearts and be reminded that life is oh-so-precious. That night I went to bed thinking of my three sons and how much I love them.

Words don’t seem quite enough to comfort these families, but I do hope that they feel the love and support that their countrymen are sending them.

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