How to Maintain Wellness in Addiction Recovery

Wellness is a bit of a hot topic. The concept of optimal living is a growing trend, with a lot to offer. Studies show that with a balance of wellness we tend to lead a better life. There are different dimensions of wellness such as emotional, occupational, physical, financial, spiritual, even environmental. So what does it mean to have balance within the different dimensions of wellness? It is about having better self-awareness which leads to a unique purpose. Finding a way to balance your wellness in normal situations may be fairly organic, but finding a way to cope or remain in balance when faced with extreme situations is much more difficult. This is why it is important to gain a high self-awareness and understanding to be able to recognize what you need to keep a balance in your wellness.

Maintaining Wellness in Addiction Recovery

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Wellness and Addiction

Oftentimes, when someone is living an active life of addiction – wellness is rarely a focus. Factors such as mental health, proper diet, exercise, aren’t a priority. What is the solution? Simply put, “practice wellness” and find your “unique purpose”. On paper, this sounds good. Who wouldn’t want to prioritize wellness over living in active addiction? Given the hurdles that come with addiction, it seems an easy choice.

However, it is a much deeper concept than that; practicing wellness requires a number of different strategies. Ultimately, having a deeper understanding of self is necessary for recognizing what you need to maintain balance in your wellness. Self-awareness helps to develop acceptance, humility, gratitude, and forgiveness; the key values in personal wellness.

Take Away: The key values in personal wellness are acceptance, humility, gratitude and forgiveness.

Greater self-awareness can also lead us to our unique purpose. If you discover your unique purpose – something important to you that feeds your soul in a way nothing else does – it is said you will always find balance in life and have a heightened sense of wellness. It is a person’s anchor that keeps them centred despite external struggles and chaos. When you are faced with an adverse situation, the anchor of your unique purpose will help you confidently navigate through life storms and support you through setbacks. 

Finding a Unique Purpose is Central to Finding Meaning in Life

Perhaps you enjoy volunteering with your local hospice, maybe you coach a kids baseball team, or care for your ageing parents. These are all selfless acts that are quite rewarding to your wellness. A unique purpose is something outward of yourself; it takes you out of the focus, and it is about giving away the unique gifts that you have to offer. These gifts you have can be small acts of grand gestures; all that matters is that it leaves you feeling a sense of fulfillment. It is said that if you dedicate time to your unique purpose, you are living for something beyond you. Serving in a way as we develop potential and ultimately a better life. Having a strong self-awareness and a unique purpose are bound to create a more meaningful life, creating harmony in wellness and ease of stride. 

Take Away: Volunteering, coaching and care-taking are examples of selfless acts of service that could be done to demonstrate ones unique purpose.

What I have learned about practicing wellness is that we all have the ability. We can all make the decision to practice regular wellness, but it requires a lot of self-work to establish a solid foundation to grow from. Staying in tune with your true self, practicing gratitude, taking risks, serving your unique purpose, and surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people are steadfast ways to help you achieve a balance of wellness. 

With that said, here is a checklist to keep in-mind if you’re looking to improve your wellness:

  1. Stay in-tune with yourself
  2. Practice Gratitude
  3. Take Risks
  4. Serve your unique purposes
  5. Surround yourself with positive people

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