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Fitness & Diet

Fitness Therapy

Fitness is an excellent replacement for the destructive lifestyle that coincides with the compulsive use of drugs and alcohol. For example, fitness offers the benefits of a healthy daily discipline, an opportunity to socialize, a restoration of physical health and a naturally effective stress relief. Sunshine Coast is committed to physical fitness as demonstrated by staffing (a full-time exercise physiologist), programming (onsite and off-site fitness and recreation) and facility amenities (full equipped gym, indoor lap pool, half-court basketball). During their stay, clients design and work on an individualized fitness plan with the support of the exercise physiologist.

Yoga and Meditation

Eastern psychologies have been shown to significantly improve self-awareness and ability to live in the present, both of which are key aspects of meaningful living. They have also been associated with protective factors against relapse.


Nutrition is a very important part of optimum health since food is the main source of building blocks our body has to work with. When nutrients are not available to the body it cannot perform the way it was meant to and it will lower energy levels, affect the decisions we make and the way we feel and think.

A body deprived of nutrients will be more susceptible to lean towards addictions than a body that received all the needed tools.

Therefore the focus should always be on life, good quality, whole foods and on balancing the right kind of foods; foods that feed the body, rather than fill the stomach.

Initial Diet Consultation: the focus on a client’s first appointment is on finding out what the client has been doing with regards to his eating habits before he came to the Sunshine Coast Health Center, so we have a place to start from. The client receives suggestions to making small changes, based on what he is comfortable with, how fast he is willing and able to change, and the knowledge that small changes, continued and built on will make a bigger difference than making a diet perfect overnight and not being sustained.

Mid-Treatment Diet Consultation: at the mid-treatment diet appointment, the client will receive a meal plan based on his body and what his needs are. This meal plan will give the client an idea of what his day should look like nutrition-wise and provide him the guidelines to work towards a healthier way of eating. Here again it is not about being perfect, but about making small, sustainable changes.

Final Diet Consultation: the last appointment with a client will include suggestions on specific foods, based on individual needs and lifestyle (eating habits etc, suggestions on incorporation supplements if needed, sleeping habits, exercise habits, etc).

Additional information is provided as written handouts which allow the client to review the information he received and, based on a better understanding of diet, enhance that information.

Even after working with a client for only 1 or 2 weeks changes are noticed in energy levels, better food choices, sleeping better, feeling better after a meal, less cravings for sugary foods, shifting in weight, greater clarity, improved mood etc.

For a sample of our weekly meal plan see our menu page.

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The fitness program is great because you have a fully functioning gym that you can access. I find myself being active with sports and weightlifting and such. It’s very important for me to maintain that the component of myself. The activities and outings vary in intensity, but there are lots of hikes and team sports. To be able to go out and, you know, not be confined to a facility. Those two elements are great.


The best part I would say is the fitness program for me. While I’ve been here, I’m making a lot of progress. Kye built me an exercise program and takes us on hikes and outings. It’s something I used to do and have just come back into touch with. Probably the biggest change in me has come from that.


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My mom and dad came up for the family program and they had a blast. Learned quite a bit. Alcohol runs in the family on my dad’s side so there’s knowledge in the family, but, of course, there was a different outlook provided here. They learned a lot and it was definitely beneficial to them as well as for me.

- Calgary, AB

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