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Finding Gratitude in Edmonton

The Meat and Bones of My Edmonton Trip

What I’m experiencing right now is one that fills up your heart and lights a fire in your soul. I’m reflecting on my Edmonton trip at the airport as I wait for my Calgary flight. Edmonton was jam packed with meaning, purpose, support and strength – solidarity was truly ours. The successes were many in Edmonton and it is always hard to leave the guys, but I always find solace in the fact that I’ll be back.

The Going ons at the Strathcona Library

At our support meeting in the old Strathcona Library, there was not one chair to spare and we spent almost 2.5 hours in deep and meaningful conversation. We discussed “Rat Park” (if you don’t’ know what that is watch this). We discussed how to make our own rat parks better, more balanced and healthier. We discussed perspective and appreciating the little things (gratitude). One of the gentlemen said, “you know walking up these stairs you feel pretty good, but man, walking outta here, you feel terrific! I always walk away feeling so much better.” He thanked the group for their continued support.

Sorrentino’s Downtown

The same was true with our alumni dinner where 20 men converged and dined! The dinner was spectacular. We started with Antipasti and Salami, followed by Insalata a Mozzarella tomato salad, a prima penne, and a rigatoni. Our Secondo was Spicy Italian Sausage, Grilled Marinated Salmon, and Seared Chicken Limoncello. By far one of the best Italian meals I’ve EVER had. The group was impressed with the food so much so, we decided that this MUST be where we dine in October.

edmonton drug rehab

It’s Like Déjà Vu at “The Ranch”

The best part, for me, is always the hugs and watching men from different treatment eras come together, sharing a laugh, and reflecting on memories of SCHC. When I closed my eyes, it was almost as if we were all sitting back in the dining area at “the ranch”. It’s these magical moments in recovery that make me proud and honoured to do what I do. It’s my meaning and it’s my purpose. It’s my community.

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