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Financing Now Available

Paying the full cost of treatment up front is not always possible. We offer a number of in-house financing options so that individuals or families struggling with drugs or alcohol don’t have to wait to get the help they need with us.

Applicants can finance part of the treatment cost or be referred to a medical financing specialist who can finance the entire amount.

For details on financing options, contact our Admissions department toll-free at 1 (866) 487-9010.

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Income Tax Deduction

Persons paying for addiction treatment for themselves or a family member may be eligible to deduct up to $10,000 in their personal tax return.

This is general information provided by the Canada Revenue Agency. Please discuss your personal situation with a tax accountant to ensure eligibility and proper filing practices.

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In a whole lot of ways SCHC is different. Normal 12 step programs don’t really rely on the individual to make changes to themselves, whereas here I’ve been allowed to kind of poke and prod and see who I am, develop a person for myself, and try things. Like with the different outings, we do different activities and I started to learn who I am here instead of “I’m just an addict”.

- Nick

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