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Duration Semi-Private Semi-Private Daily Rate Private Private Daily Rate
30 day $16,960 $566 $21,750 $725
42 day $23,100 $550 $29,820 $710
60 day $31,800 $530 $41,400 $690
90 day $42,750 $475 $57,150 $635
7 day N/A N/A $6,580 $940
FAMILY & COUPLES PROGRAM (lodging not included)
Family Program FREE
Couples Program3 FREE
14 day $7000 $500 $9,240 $660
30 day $13,500 $450 $18,300 $610
60 day $25,500 $425 $35,100 $585
14 day $1,708 $122
One Month $2,800 $91
30 day $22,920 $764 $27,720 $924
42 day $31,164 $742 $37,800 $900
60 day $42,900 $715 $52,500 $875
90 day $57,690 $641 $72,090 $801
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All Fees are GST and PST exempt. Most fees can be claimed with Revenue Canada – see your accountant for advice on your particular situation.

1) All programs (excluding Detox Only Program) do not include detox. A surcharge of $650 will be charged for each night of required detox. Clients begin the addiction, trauma, or alumni program once discharged from detox.

2) Detox medications including Suboxone Treatment not included.

3) Couples Program participants must first complete the Family Program. Both events are run on consecutive days. Please note that the Couples Program is not a residential program for couples. We are strictly an all-male residential facility.

4) Minimum stay in the Alumni Program is 14 days. Clients in the Alumni Program must have previously attended our program.

5) Sober Living is available only to clients who have completed the Addiction or Trauma Programs.

What the Government Wants You To Know Before Purchasing Private Drug Rehab:

Fees and Refunds

The following information is adapted from the Residential Treatment for Teens page of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s * (FTC) Consumer Information website. The following question is equally appropriate to ask a Canadian private treatment provider for adults:

What are the costs? What do they cover? What is your refund policy if the program doesn’t work out?

FTC: “Private residential treatment programs often charge hundreds of dollars per day. While health insurance sometimes may pay a limited amount, for the most part, the client’s family is responsible for paying the fees and bills.”

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A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is required to hold a bed in the event that there is a wait list and will be applied towards the cost of treatment upon admission.


The Detox Only Program includes travel assistance (see below for details), medical detoxification, routine nursing consultations, the Family & Couples Program, routine nursing consultations and psycho-education group.

The Addiction Program includes psychiatric assessment, counselling (group and individual), post-treatment services (e.g. online support program), wellness therapies (massage therapy, fitness assessments), arts and craft materials, and assigned reading materials.

The Alumni Program includes all goods and services provided in the Addiction Program but does not include travel assistance in Vancouver or Comox nor does it include medical detoxification (available for an additional $650/night). Alumni Program participants must first complete the Addiction or Trauma Program.

The Trauma Program includes all goods and services provided in the Addiction Program as well as enhanced psychiatric services, trauma counselling and complementary trauma therapies (EMDR, neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, active meditation, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic recreation).

All programs include pick up/return to the Powell River airport or ferry terminal upon arrival/discharge, accommodation, meals, scheduled recreational activities, use of the business centre, use of the indoor pool and fitness centre, free laundry soap and use of laundry facilities.

Programs do not include travel expenses to and from a client’s place of residence to the Powell River airport or ferry terminal, dental work, prescription drugs, or personal items such as toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.

Travel Assistance

To facilitate Addiction Program, Trauma Program or Detox Only Program clients arriving at Vancouver International Airport or Comox Valley Airport, Sunshine Coast Health Center offers free travel assistance. Clients need not worry about luggage and shuttling between terminals: a staff member will be there to ensure their trip is hassle-free.*

* Not included in the Alumni Program fee.

For more information on scheduled group activities, individual activities including recreational activities, visit our Treatment Schedule page.


Sunshine Coast Health Center accepts cheque or money order issued by a Canadian bank, wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. For further info, please feel free to contact Admissions toll-free 1.866.487.9010.


Clients wishing to extend their stay from one program duration to another may do so without penalty. For example, a client who has originally enrolled in the 30-day Addiction Program may extend to the 42-day Addiction Program by paying the difference in cost. No penalty will be assessed for clients choosing to start their treatment in a program of shorter duration.

Similarly, clients wishing to change programs may do so without penalty. For example, a client who has originally enrolled in the Detox Only Program may change to the 30-day Addiction Program by paying the difference in cost. Again, no penalty will be assessed for clients choosing to start their treatment in the Detox Only Program.

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Our Fair Refund Policy

Refunds are calculated by the number of unattended days multiplied by the daily rate of that program. An admin charge of $2000 will be charged on all refunds where the length of stay is less than 30 days. The admin charge will be waived for clients staying longer than 30 days if seven days notice is provided. Day 1 and the last day of a client’s stay are based upon the calendar day the client arrives and departs, regardless of the time of day.

For example, a client who leaves on day 24 of the 30-day program will be refunded 6 days x $532 per day for a semi-private room less the admin charge of $2000 for a total refund of $1,192.00. A client who provides notice and leaves on day 36 of a 42-day program will be refunded 6 days x $510 per day for a semi-private room for a total refund of $3,060.00. If a client arrives on campus at 10 pm that will be considered Day 1 of his treatment. If a client departs at 5 am that will be considered his final day of treatment.

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My mom and dad came up for the family program and they had a blast. Learned quite a bit. Alcohol runs in the family on my dad’s side so there’s knowledge in the family, but, of course, there was a different outlook provided here. They learned a lot and it was definitely beneficial to them as well as for me.

- Calgary, AB

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