Fathers and Reflections


Father’s Day Travel

I’m off on another alumni whirlwind adventure that began on this year’s Father’s Day. It’s a good day and week to head off into the sunset and enjoy some alumni life. A life in recovery, a journey of ups and down, and a journey of family and fathers, sons, uncles, and grandfathers. The thought of my husband to-be and kids is close in my heart, too, as I leave them for a week.

What Today Means

Today represents so much for me personally. I have a Father who struggles in recovery, family members who struggle, and my SCHC brothers. Father’s Day is a day of reflection and love. In all that life is, we wouldn’t be here without our fathers. Today is a reflection on the fathers that love us, and that keep on trying and fighting. To the fathers that step up to the plate, the stepfathers that take us under their wing, and every man in our lives.

The Father’s Day Salute

I salute you. In all of what Father’s Day is – keep your head up. Know this: you are loved. You are cared for. You are needed. You are strong. You are our fathers. So many memories. So much love. This Father’s Day travel week sets the tone for the celebration of our men – I’m beyond excited.

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