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10 Reasons to Choose our Drug Rehabilitation Program

When individuals and family members struggling with alcohol or drug addiction begin searching for treatment, they typically go through a process of elimination to find their choice. Finances are usually the first consideration and determine whether a person goes to a government-funded or private rehabilitation program. Here are some reasons why people choose private treatment even though they know it will cost more than public treatment:

  1. Shorter waiting lists
  2. No sobriety or abstinence requirements prior to admission
  3. A higher-functioning peer group
  4. Longer length of stay
  5. Better services and amenities

Once a decision is made to go with private drug rehabilitation treatment, narrowing the options down to one treatment centre is even more challenging. To help in this process, here are 10 reasons why we think our drug rehabilitation centre may be the best choice for you.

  1. Program Qualifications

    We are licensed by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, accredited by Accreditation Canada, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Always ask treatment centres about the licensing and accreditation they maintain. If a facility is not licensed or accredited and they are unable or unwilling to schedule a site tour, you may want to consider another facility. We are one of only a handful of programs in Canada approved to treat employees of Canadian Forces and the RCMP as well as military veterans referred by Veterans Affairs Canada.
  2. A Philosophy of Transparency

    We recognize that drug rehabilitation is a serious undertaking with much at stake for our clients and their families. This is why we are committed to a policy of “transparency” through straight talk, openness, and accountability. For example, you’ll find the following key information on our website:

    • detailed staffing information (name, job title, qualifications, etc.)
    • photos of building interiors and the campus (grounds, lounge area, bedrooms, meeting space, fitness center, etc.)
    • a weekly schedule of client activities
    • comprehensive fee schedule (including refund policy)
  3. Worry-free Travel

    Families often worry that their loved one will change his mind along the way to treatment and end up, for example, at an airport bar or simply “disappear” into Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. To ease these worries, we’re committed to making travel hassle-free. For example, clients arriving at the Vancouver or Comox¹ airports will be promptly greeted by one of our representatives who will ensure safe transfer for the flight to Powell River. Upon arrival at the Powell River airport, clients will be promptly shuttled directly to campus to begin their treatment. Travel assistance is also available for clients ferrying to Powell River from Vancouver Island or the Lower Sunshine Coast aboard BC Ferries. For more information, including air and car travel directions see the Travel to Powell River section.

  4. Qualified, Experienced Staff

    We are proud of our capable clinical staff and our clients benefit from our policy of finding and retaining the very best staff based on:

    • Work Experience (with both addiction and mental health counselling)
    • Education (counsellors must have a minimum of a master’s degree)
    • Diversity (working with a variety of populations in multiple settings)

    To learn more about our staff, visit our Staff section.

  5. A Strong Mental Health Component

    A client’s stay with us begins with a comprehensive mental health assessment. Our psychiatrist, Dr. Stuart Howard, has many years of experience helping adults struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Our trauma program is also one of just several programs in all of Canada that is approved by Canadian Forces, RCMP, and Veterans Affairs Canada.

  6. Medical Care That is More Than Just Detoxification

    Medical care during drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment should be more than just detoxification. With us, detoxification is just the first phase of addressing the physical impact of drug or alcohol use. For example, our medical staff is committed to:

    • Diagnosing and treating other medical conditions that may have gone undetected or neglected. The most common of these are diabetes, high blood pressure, and communicable diseases.
    • Helping clients manage their prescriptions. Clients often require a daily regimen of medications. With 24/7 nursing at our facility, clients benefit from professional medication dispensing.
    • Helping clients understand the medical aspects of their addiction. Having medical professionals on-site allows us to educate clients about the medical consequences of continued drug or alcohol use or other problematic lifestyle choices.

    For more information on our detox services, see the Alcohol & Drug Detox Services section.

  7. A Strong Fitness Component

    Fitness is an excellent alternative to a lifestyle that revolves around addiction. Our clients are encouraged to regain their physical fitness through a combination of fitness and recreation. While with us, clients have access to a full-time kinesiologist and personal trainer, fitness amenities such as fully-equipped gym and lap pool, and scheduled activities such as hikes, biking, kayaking, beach days, trips to the local recreation complex, and golf (weather permitting).

  8. Private Rooms

    While we recognize the power of the peer group as a vital component of residential drug rehabilitation, we also understand that there are times when clients need their own space. For an additional fee, clients can have a private room. We are proud to be one of the first treatment centres in North America to offer private accommodations. Clients who don’t mind having a roommate stay in semi-private (2 to a room) accommodations.

  9. An Unparalleled Setting

    With the cost of waterfront property, it’s no wonder why we’re the only drug rehabilitation centre in Canada with a view of the ocean. Typically, clients need to go to Malibu, California to stay in a drug rehabilitation facility near the ocean, where they can expect to pay substantially more for treatment.We have both a private beach access and spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. See our Photo Gallery to learn more.

  10. A Strong Post-Treatment Support Program

    We recognize that relapse may be a risk for clients once they have returned home. That’s why we encourage our alumni to stay in touch with our Client & Alumni Care Managers. Our Managers stay engaged with alumni by any means possible including telephone, text, email, social media, and frequent dinners hosted in cities across Canada. For more information, visit our Alumni & Relapse section.

For even more reasons to choose our drug rehabilitation program, see our programs & services.

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My dad and my uncle attended the family program and both of them are very supportive. The family program was nice because it put us on an even level of knowledge so that my dad better understands addiction compared to heavy drinking.

- Nanaimo, BC

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