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What the Government Wants You To Know Before
Purchasing Private Drug Rehab:

Licensing and Accreditation

The following information is adapted from the Residential Treatment for Teens page of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s * (FTC) Consumer Information website. The following questions are equally appropriate to ask a Canadian private treatment provider for adults:

Are you licensed by the province?

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Sunshine Coast Health Center recognizes that providing clients with treatment options is important. Since our opening in 2004, we have responded to the unique needs of our clients. Offering variable lengths of stay, individualized treatment, private rooms, and different program options are just a few examples of our approach tailors treatment to the client.

In order to provide clients with options, however, a drug rehab centre must have the right campus and facility. Fortunately, Sunshine Coast Health Center has an 8.5 acre property and 30,000 square feet of floor space. Furthermore, our oceanfront location on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast provides an unparalleled treatment experience and is located just 110 kilometres northwest of Vancouver.

Aerial View of Buildings and Property at Our Drug Rehab Centre

drug rehab center aerial

Sunshine Coast Health Center understands that clients who have a positive treatment experience have a higher likelihood of completing their program and, therefore, better long-term prospects for recovery. Our 8-acre campus is situated on private waterfront and features an abundance of private therapy rooms, lounge space and recreational amenities.

Interior and Exterior Photos of Facility

The Main Campus includes the Administration Building (below left) where clients meet with their assigned psychotherapist (counsellor) and the psychiatrist. Furthermore, intake procedures are conducted in the Administration Building within the first few days of a client’s admission.

Admin BuildingMain Residence

The Main Residence (above right) consists of two adjoining buildings consisting of the original facility (right side) and a second building constructed in 2008 (left side).

The original facility (below left) includes the Medical Unit for alcohol and drug detoxification, private client rooms upstairs, as well as the kitchen and dining area. Clients with mobility issues stay on the main floor where one bedroom and bathroom is wheelchair accessible.

Original FacilityPrivate RoomDining Area

The new building (below left) includes the main client lounge, group activity space, the indoor pool as well as semi-private client rooms upstairs.

New FacilityThe Lap Pool

The duplex consists (below left) of the massage therapy room, residence for visiting referring professionals and out-of-town staff, as well as group space for clients (below right).

The DuplexGroup Activity Room

The Renewal Centre (below) includes group space for the Family & Couples Program which has a large atrium with ample natural lighting and a great view of the Pacific Ocean. The bottom floor includes a fully-equipped fitness centre complete with free weights, weight racks, benches and cardio equipment(below, bottom left).

Renewal CentreFamily Program area
Fitness CentreView from Renewal Centre

The long house includes offices for most of staff other than our psychotherapists and the Program Director. The long house also include’s Mitch’s Place, which is for clients choosing to stay longer than 90 days.

The Long HouseView from Mitch's Place

The Medical Unit at Our Drug Rehab Centre

Sunshine Coast Health Center is one of the few drug rehab centres in Canada that has a dedicated medical unit. This provides a safe space for newly-admitted clients who are experiencing withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol. Clients report to us a sense of safety, knowing that nursing staff are monitoring them in an area dedicated to their acute medical needs. The medical unit contains a nursing station, and two client rooms each with two medical beds. Furthermore, there is a separate medication dispensing area so that clients receiving their medications do not disturb clients resting in the medical unit.

For more information visit the Medical Detox Services page or the Medical & Psychiatric Services page.

Why This Is Important For You:

Private Accommodation

Traditionally, alcohol & drug rehabilitation centres have offered either semi-private (2 to a room) or dorm-style (4 or more) accommodations as a way to maximize revenues and balance sleeping quarters with other demands for floor space (offices, lounge areas, activity rooms, etc.). Another reason for not offering private rooms is based on the concern that clients may isolate in their rooms rather than spend time with their peer group.

While Sunshine Coast Health Center acknowledges that not all clients are appropriate for private rooms, having a one-size-fits-all policy is not necessarily in the best interests of clients who may opt out of going to drug rehabilitation simply because they do not want a roommate. That is why Sunshine Coast Health Center offers both private and semi-private accommodations.

Private Client Accommodation at Our Drug Rehab Centre

Clients at Sunshine Coast Health Center have the option of either semi-private (two clients per room) or private rooms. Clients who have sleep disorders (snoring, sleep apnea, etc.) or simply prefer the privacy of their own room now have a choice. Please note there is an additional fee for a private room.

Video of Our Drug Rehab Centre Campus

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For interior photos of our drug rehab centre visit the Main Campus Photo Gallery.

Why This Is Important For You:

Our Location

A lifestyle that contributes to addiction includes time spent at home, at work, and in a client’s home community. Residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation allows clients to examine their lives safe from the distractions that can make deeper reflection difficult. Furthermore, the location of a treatment centre can keep a client’s treatment stay confidential by minimizing the chance they will encounter someone they know.

Sunshine Coast Health Center takes deep reflection one step further by being situated on the outskirts of a small town situated on the shores of Sunshine Coast. Clients are reminded on a daily basis that they are part of a larger, natural world: land animals, marine life, mountains and lakes abound here.

Location of Our Drug Rehab Centre

Powell River’s coastal setting is high on its list of attributes. In addition to its visual appeal, Powell River’s coastline serves as one of Canada’s premier spots for year-round recreation such as hiking, biking, golfing, and fishing. If you have never been to Powell River you will be pleasantly surprised that a coastal community so close to Vancouver can feel so distant from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

Traveling to Our Drug Rehab Centre

There are many ways to get to Sunshine Coast Health Center. With a minimum of 4 daily flights * from Vancouver’s South Terminal, five flights a day from Vancouver, To facilitate clients making their way to Powell River, Sunshine Coast Health Center provides Travel Assistance. Clients need not worry about changing planes, shuttling between terminals, or booking flights: a staff member will be there to ensure your trip to Sunshine Coast Health Center is hassle-free.

(*) Note: flights to Powell River are land-based planes, not float planes.

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See our Travel to Powell River section for directions and other travel information.

For further information on our alcohol and drug rehab centre contact Admissions toll-free at 1-866-487-9010 or email us.

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During my stay here, I found BrainPaint to be interesting as it can pin point my thoughts correctly every session. I notice many improvement in this treatment. It could also be a multitude of reasons as I am receiving treatment in other area’s as well. I do find nevertheless that my sleeping has been resolved. This has been a issue for many years, I was on medication and treatment as well for that issue. Today, I no longer take medication for sleeping and I sleep very well. My concentration went up and my isolation and energy has been resolved as well.

In conclusion, I do feel BrainPaint beneficial in healing the mind as well as the body.

- Jean-Paul

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