Deb: Our Drug Rehab’s Cook Extraordinaire

Deb – Our Cook Extraordinaire

drug rehab nutrition Cooking and helping clients find their groove back in the kitchen is one of the many things Deb enjoys about her job. Every now and then we get clients poking around the kitchen who are interested in lending a hand and Deb plays a keen role. It’s a great way for her to connect and share with them. Deb tells me that she is always learning something new from each client that helps out in the kitchen. It’s definitely a learning and healing experience for everyone involved.

The Hub

The kitchen here at SCHC is a lot like the kitchens in our own homes. It’s most surely the hub. Staff and clients stroll through to say hi or to ask the most popular question every day: “what’s for lunch/dinner?” Any moms or dads out there know that this is the most asked question in their kitchens!

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Loving The Job

Deb’s days are very busy as she cooks lunch and dinner for up to 50 people. A few times a week she’ll squeeze in time to make cookies, muffins, or banana bread (always a demand for this!). All our salad dressings are made in house as well. I’m biased, but man they are delicious! Deb has worked at SCHC since January 2014 marking over 2 years with us. In Deb’s own words, “I wouldn’t want to spend my days working anywhere else. I truly love my job.”

Kitchen, Family, Forever

As Deb’s co-worker, I can most certainly tell you that she brings a special smile and a certain panache to SCHC. Her warm heart and fantastic cooking skills make her feel like the mother bee. Most people share fond memories in the kitchen or around a dining table, enjoying hundreds of special occasions with family. This is our family and anyone who comes to us is treated like family from the first day to as long as they want us around – we are always here.

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