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Smartphone Friendly: Our Sensible Technology Policy

SCHC is one of the only major addiction treatment centres in North America allowing clients to keep their smartphones and other electronic devices while in treatment.

drug rehab cell phone use

Our smartphone-friendly policy recognizes that individuals receiving drug and alcohol treatment need to stay connected to family, friends, and work. A basic principle of evidence-based treatment is that outcomes improve when you treat people with respect. Trusting people to use their smartphones appropriately reflects our respectful approach to treatment.


For more information on this policy and our programs, we invite you to call our admissions coordinators at 1-866-487-9010 or email

Learn more about why we made this change over 10 years ago.

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We are very pleased with Julian's progress and credit your program as well as to his own commitment. His greater self-awareness, deepening tolerance, and patience has come from a better understanding of himself and is really helping him to move forward constructively.

- Jill, Veterans Affairs Canada Case Worker

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