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Alcohol Treatment Program


alcohol treatment program and centre in Powell River, British Columbia, up from Vancouver, BCThe majority of men at Sunshine Coast Health Centre are struggling with alcohol. Even clients whose drug of choice is a stimulant (e.g. cocaine) may also consume alcohol. Our residential alcohol treatment program follows a daily schedule of activities that focus on long-term sobriety. Combined, the 30-, 42-, 60-, and 90-day programs* accept a maximum of 42 clients so you can be assured of being on a first-name basis with staff and peers.

*For those wanting medical detoxification only, we offer a 7-day program. Call toll-free 1 (866) 487-9010 for details.

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As the above graphic shows, not all addiction treatment centres are created equally.

Alcohol Treatment and The Functioning Alcoholic

Perhaps it’s our oceanfront location, our all-male peer group or the fact that we’re one of the top-rated alcohol treatment centres in Canada and BC, and we’re close to the great outdoors. Whatever the reason, Sunshine Coast Health Centre has long been considered one of the best alcohol treatment centres of choice for men. Many of these men – often referred to as functioning alcoholics – have consumed heavy amounts of alcohol for decades and yet have been able to maintain a successful business or top position at a large corporation.

They, or their loved ones, often begin a search for “alcohol treatment programs” or inpatient or residential alcohol treatment programs in Vancouver, Surrey, or Burnaby realizing that they need a change of environment as one step towards a successful recovery from alcoholism. Indeed, men come to us from across Canada – from Vancouver to Edmonton to Calgary to even Toronto, seeking out a non 12 step methodology that works for as a top-rated alcohol treatment program.

Staff at Sunshine Coast Health Centre have noticed that family and friends tend to ignore a functioning alcoholic’s problem drinking until it becomes a severe health problem. Although the reasons vary the two primary excuses are (1) the fear that acknowledging the need for alcohol treatment will ruin their successful career or business and (2) that their ability to control when they drink (evenings and weekends) means that the problem can’t be that bad.

Unfortunately, it is only after a struggle with memory or an involuntary bowel or bladder movement that those around the functioning alcoholic consider alcohol treatment. For this reason, we find it particularly beneficial to provide all clients with a thorough medical assessment to determine the presence of alcohol-related conditions such as cirrhosis, diabetes, gastritis and heart disease. Older clients are also tested for cognitive impairment due to dementia and Korsakoff’s syndrome.

Not every methodology (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous) works for all people, but our evidence-based non 12 step program for alcohol treatment and alcohol rehab program has proven success. Men come to us seeking alcohol treatment programs in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, to realize that our residential, inpatient alcohol treatment program in Powell River can be a strong option.

If you or a loved one is a functioning alcoholic, don’t wait to get help. Call Sunshine Coast Health Centre today toll-free at 1(866) 487-9010.

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Alcohol Detoxification Services: A Necessary First Step

While alcohol treatment programs can exist without having detox services, clients soon come to appreciate the benefits of having an onsite medically-supervised detoxification unit which include:

  • prompt admission (clients don’t require a period of sobriety prior to admission to alcohol treatment)
  • an adjustment period during which time clients can adjust to their new environment before starting intensive group and individual counselling.*

While in detox, many of our clients learn that they have medical conditions brought on by years of neglect or risky behaviour. While the diagnosis of disease is never easy, medical staff is here to provide comfort and education so that clients can begin to make positive changes in lifestyle to help manage their condition.

*Not all clients require medical detox services. Our Medical Director will determine whether a client needs detox prior to the primary program. Clients needing detox will only pay per night they are in the detox unit.

For more information see the Detox Services (Alcohol & Drug) page.

Mental Health Services: an Important Part of Alcohol Treatment

Mental health counseling is an important part of our alcohol treatment program since there is a high prevalence of men having both alcoholism and mental illness (also known as dual diagnosis). We also offer an exclusive mental health and trauma program for those without alcohol or drug issues. Mental health counseling covers many disorders including mood disorders (depression, bi-polar), anxiety disorders (panic, social phobias, obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic stress disorder), sexual disorders, somatoform disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorder, impulse control disorders, schizophrenia, cognitive disorders (delirium, dementia) and personality disorders.

Sunshine Coast Health Centre has a skilled mental health team that includes a Psychiatrist and a Registered Psychiatric Nurse.

Similar to our medical program, Sunshine Coast provides ongoing psychiatric assessment which involves diagnosing the existence of mental health issues. Identifying obstacles that have kept clients stuck in active addiction takes time but greatly improves the odds of clients completing treatment and maintaining sobriety.

For more information visit the Medical & Psychiatric Services page.

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Counselling: The Core of our Alcohol Treatment Program

Sunshine Coast Health Centre provides a combination of both group and individual counselling. Counselors facilitate daily small groups, allowing each client a minimum of one 1-on-1 counseling per week.

By combining Meaning-Centered therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and relationship counseling, our alcohol treatment program offers an array of individualized treatment options based on the recommendations of counseling staff and needs identified by the client. These distinct modes of therapy are integrated into the alcohol treatment program at Sunshine Coast Health Centre.

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A Typical Client

Typically, our clients are men who are:

    • addicted to alcohol or cocaine* as their drug of choice
    • experiencing strife with their partner as a result of their addiction
    • finding themselves ill-equipped to provide financial or emotional support for their families

missing work, in danger of losing their jobs, or have ended a successful career due to their addiction

  • considering treatment again after previous treatment episodes

Our addiction counseling staff come from a variety of backgrounds and personal experiences; clients need not worry about being treated like second-class citizens judged by their drug of choice.

*Sunshine Coast Health Centre treats all mood-altering substances including opiates. Some restrictions may apply.

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The Power of an All-male Peer Group in Alcohol Treatment

Apart from families and partners, your relationship with your peers during your stay in alcohol treatment is an important step in your recovery. We address the tendency of those struggling with alcoholism to isolate when coping with life’s challenges. By sharing their experiences and supporting others who are struggling with similar issues, clients can experience strength in numbers.

Unfortunately, sharing intimate thoughts and living together for an extended period can also be the catalyst for romance in a co-ed environment. Men and women in early recovery are particularly vulnerable to jumping into unhealthy relationships. This can have a devastating impact on marriages and have a “triangulating” effect in the peer group where jealousy and rivalries can start. Our alcohol treatment program is intentionally male-only so that clients can experience the power of the peer group in a safe environment.

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Treatment Process Comparison

Prior to Arrival

24/48 Hrs After Arrival

7 Days After Arrival

During Treatment

2 Weeks Before Discharge

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Thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve truly gone above and beyond your job description for me while Brad entered treatment. I took in the Family weekend, and Couples day, and I would definitely do it all over again.

In the beginning, I was truly ignorant to the way treatment was designed there. And in being that way, it hindered my healing process. After the weekend, I have a whole new perception on everything, my role in everything, as well as what I need to change for the future. I truly think it should be mandatory for family to take in that weekend. I know it’s not possible to enforce everyone to be present for a family weekend, but I don’t see how recovery can be successful if they don’t.

- Jennifer

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