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Admission Guidelines

Age and Gender: Adult males ages 19 and older


Identified Problem: The primary disorder must be an addiction to a substance (alcohol or drug) or to a process (gambling or sex).

The following information is required prior to admission:

Medical History: medical conditions/illnesses within the past two years including hospitalizations in the past year and reason for hospitalization. To include any known allergies or sleep disorders. Clients will be screened for ability to actively participate in programming without major limitations.

Psychological History: Psychological/emotional problems experienced in the past two years. History will include any hospitalizations within the past year, lifetime suicide attempts and suicidal ideations (suicidal thoughts). Further evaluation may be required if a client has a history of moderate to severe mental illness.

Alcohol & Drug History: (1) the pattern of use (daily, weekend, binge), (2) amount used per occasion, (3) length of use (number of years) and (4) date of last use of each addictive substance consumed in the past 6 months.

Prescribed medications and over-the-counter drugs information obtained will include: list of medications, reason taken, and typical dosage.

Legal History: prior charges or convictions under the Criminal Code (in the USA misdemeanors or felony convictions) including Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Please disclose any pending hearings.

Treatment History: prior drug and alcohol treatment episodes including whether prior treatment was residential or outpatient, completion status (completed or early discharge), and length of abstinence following discharge ¹.

For a proper review of this information, please complete Admission Package – Part 1 of 2 (online application form) to help us ensure that Sunshine Coast Health Center is compatible with your needs.

(1) Note: a treatment history is not mandatory but will assist staff in formulating an individualized treatment plan.


Clients may be referred to other, more appropriate services in the event of:

1.       Individuals in need of acute opiate detoxification

2.       Inability to walk, feed, dress and care for oneself independently.

3.       Acute psychiatric disorders requiring hospitalization.

4.       Chronic aggressive behavior incompatible with a group living environment.

5.       Inability to pay for treatment.

If you have any questions or are unsure whether the exclusionary criteria applies to you or your situation, please contact Admissions toll-free at 1-866-487-9010.

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I haven't seen sober living at other treatment centers. This was a new option, which I thought was great. It gave me the opportunity to test the waters, but still be accountable at the same time. Everyone in Sober Living is trying to do the same thing, which helps me.

- Luke

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