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Addiction Resources

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Welcome to the Addiction Resources section. Based on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) continuum of care model ¹, addiction care consists of three major categories: prevention, treatment, and maintenance (recovery). Information provided in this section is designed to assist health professionals, educators, employers and the communities they serve, including individuals who have been personally impacted by addiction.

Government efforts to control the problematic use of drugs and alcohol include supply reduction, demand reduction, and harm reduction. Read more in the Drug Policy section below.

Addiction research can include studies on outcome research, or the measured effectiveness of prevention, treatment, and maintenance. It can also include process research, which studies the active ingredients of treatment such as therapist variables and motivation. Statistical research on the prevalence of addiction and population segments (adolescents, gender, race, etc.) is also an important component of addiction research. Finally, addiction research is leading the way in the development of innovative, effective treatment modalities. More information is available in the Addiction Research section below.

If you have been personally impacted by drugs or alcohol or you are a professional looking for literature for your client, additional information is available in the Self-Help section.

(1) Source: Reducing the Risk for Mental Disorders (1994) P.J. Mrazek, R.J. Haggerty, eds. Institute of Medicine.

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A. Addiction Treatment Resources

Addiction treatment is professional assistance designed to help individuals who use drugs or alcohol compulsively and uncontrollably despite negative consequences. Addiction treatment includes assessment, medical stabilization (detoxification) and therapy. Therapies can include medication, counselling, and adjunct therapies designed to address the Biopsychosocial ¹ factors inherent in addiction.

This section also takes a closer look at addiction treatment as a field that is alive with debate concerning the origins of addiction and how best to treat it.

For more information refer to the Addiction Treatment Resources section.

(1) Biopsychosocial – a combination of biological, psychological, and social concerns or effects.

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B. Addiction Prevention Resources

Addiction prevention is a planned sequence of activities designed to avert the abuse of, or addiction to, mood-altering substances. Mood-altering substances include alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, inhalants, prescription and over-the counter medications.

Addiction prevention includes addressing problems associated with alcohol or other drug use and abuse up to, but not including, assessment and treatment for chemical abuse and dependency.

This section focuses on addiction prevention resources for the (1) workplace, (2) schools, and (3) communities.

For more information refer to the Addiction Prevention Resources section.

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C. Recovery from Addiction (Life after Treatment)

A separate section is dedicated to self-help for individuals in addiction recovery (life after treatment) and their family members coming to terms with change and sobriety. There are some excellent resources on this critical, but oft neglected, stage of the addiction cycle.

For more information see the Addiction Recovery section.

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D. Drug Policy

Drug policy is how the government attempts to curb the problematic use of drugs and alcohol, including how addiction prevention and treatment is delivered and how these programs are coordinated with other services such as law enforcement and public health.

For more information see the Drug Policy section.

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E. Addiction Research

Addiction research includes statistical population studies, promising medications to treat addiction, addiction and the brain, promising new treatment approaches, outcome research, etc.

For more information see the Addiction Research section.  

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My mom and dad came up for the family program and they had a blast. Learned quite a bit. Alcohol runs in the family on my dad’s side so there’s knowledge in the family, but, of course, there was a different outlook provided here. They learned a lot and it was definitely beneficial to them as well as for me.

- Calgary, AB

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