Summary of Services

At Sunshine Coast, our addiction treatment program treats the full spectrum of body elements – the physical, psychological, social and spiritual.


Physical – the proper functioning of your body including strength, stamina and mobility.

Psychological – your thoughts, feelings and emotions that directly impact your actions.

Social – your relationship to family, friends, work colleagues and the larger community.

Spiritual – a sense of meaning that brings purpose to your life and good to the world.

At Sunshine Coast we treat the four elements of what it means to be a human being – the physical, psychological, social and spiritual. We do so because all-around health maximizes the possibility that a client’s recovery is sustainable and fulfilling. In each section below an icon is provided that indicates the primary health benefit of the service provided.

Medical & Psychiatric Services

Medical services include medical assessment, withdrawal management monitored by trained medical personnel (medical detoxification), medication management (including medications for co-existing medical conditions) and ongoing monitoring throughout a client’s stay. Furthermore, medical assessment helps create a comprehensive treatment plan that includes recommendations on diet and fitness.

Psychiatric services include a provisional psychiatric diagnosis and psychotropic drug therapy. All clients are seen within one week of admission by our psychiatrist. The provisional psychiatric diagnosis forms the basis of the treatment plan which is critical in ensuring that clients are treated for co-existing mental health issues.

For more information see the Medical & Psychiatric Services section.

Body / Mind Therapies

These therapies work to integrate mind and body for personal healing and growth. These therapies provide clients with alternative ways to deal with deal with anxiety not only so they can deal with the rigours of addiction treatment but also after returning to their home communities.

For more information see the Body/Mind Therapies section.

Fitness & Diet Services

Fitness & diet services provide clients with consultations with our dietitian and kinesiologist that work with clients to develop their personalized treatment plan.

For more information see the Fitness & Diet Services section.

Recreational Services

Recreational services are an important part of a healthy lifestyle that encourages not only physical health but social health as well. Participation in recreation is also an important part of developing a long-term recovery plan that helps replace the hours spent consuming drugs and alcohol.

For more information see the Recreational Services section.

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