Walkabouts and Coffee

An alumnus and I had initially made arrangements to meet at the local Starbucks, but it was closing at 7:30 and he was going to be late. This is where I had the most amazing entrepreneurial idea. No sharing today, though. I might be on Dragon’s Den in the future.

I had eagerly been pacing the street when I hear my name being belted out. I look up and see this happy head poking out of the vehicle window, taking a corner, screeching wheels, but happy as happy can be. I followed suit down the street to meet him halfway. It was wonderful. He had been gone from the center for about 5 months and in my own mind, it felt more like 8-10 months… I am not quite sure why there is always this warped sense of time for me.

It was a great catch-up! We get right to the conversation like two old friends. I like that the conversation took a philosophical spin… makes life intriguing! It was wonderful to hear and see his progress. There is so much beauty out there if you are willing to look for it and to try. We were met by this insane posse of birds swooping in and out of the trees… it was almost apocalyptic under the haze of the smoke that was billowing in.

It was a wonderful way to start my first night in Victoria. Spending time with my client, taking in the breathtaking scenery and the vibes of a city still in summer mode (tourists abound). We bid our adieus and would see each other at the alumni dinner in two days’ time. Big hugs and well wishes were dished out and a last loud and bolstering “I LOVE YOU MAN” was given!

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