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Vulnerability and Vagility in Victoria: Part Five

Look up. Look around. Meet people’s gazes with smiles. Be present. I have had a very thought provoking trip in Victoria, BC. I noticed that we often get lost in our phones, in our thoughts, in the busyness of life, that we actually forget to live. We actually forget to enjoy the moments.

I had this incredible epiphany to stop and take stock of my surroundings as there will never be this exact moment again. That no matter who, what, why, or when, this moment can never be re-played or duplicated again. It’s its own moment. How profound it was that night to realize this.

I noticed the brickwork of beautiful character buildings and ran my fingers across its years. I noticed the way people gathered together outside and enjoyed their laughter as if I had joined them and knew the joke. I looked out at the Pacific ocean as if I had not seen it at night before as yachts lit up and glittered against its seas. I was present and it felt powerful. I am reminded how important life truly is. How lucky I am to be here. How absolutely breathtaking life is if you take the time to be in it.

So, you see, it is about the moments. The todays. The RIGHT NOW. As I’ve typed this I have taken moments to watch the seagulls glide in the air like master kite fliers. The way they move with the wind is like poetry. Presence is optional, but there are no guarantees like living in the ‘right here – right now moments’.

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