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Vulnerability and Vagility in Victoria: Part Four

I’d spent the last few days scampering around the Victoria downtown area. Meetings, Alumni dinners, coffees, and just getting out there on foot. During the many walkabouts, I noticed an overwhelming number of people on the streets pedaling for money, homelessness, and the downtrodden.

Over the years, I try to do different things for this vulnerable group of people, but it’s never in the form of money. My son and I often put together care packages for the homeless and hand them out. They include the variety of shampoo, conditioners, and soaps I get from my travels – with other tiny little must-haves.

I hadn’t prepared any bags this round and I was feeling hollowness and sadness in my heart from repeating, “no – sorry, I don’t have any money.” Or avoiding eye contact. It hurt me.

On the way to one of our support meetings, I had a eureka moment. There is this delicious dutch bakery on Fort Street that I’ve passed many times the last few days… what if I grab some cookies and hand one out each time someone asks me for some cash OR if they look like they need a little love?

So on I went to the bakery (that I guess has been around for generations) and glanced over their sweet treats. They all looked amazing. So I picked 2 dozen of their finest looking cookies and away I went.

That trip and this thing I did was special in a way that I don’t think I can quite explain. It was this moment of interconnectedness, of love, of being this random girl handing out cookies in a city she does not call her home and finding a way to connect with humanity.

As I inched closer to the hotel there were two men on bikes. I gleefully asked if “they’d like one of the best cookies ever?” “Absolutely,” one said to me. As they took the cookie from my hand they said “god bless you,” my rebuttal was, “and may god bless you!” The man said back to me… “He just did.”

And there you have it. If each of us works on loving one another more, being more thoughtful, kind hearted, non-judgemental, we will collectively shift our world. It’s not about notoriety for me, but rather it’s this tremendous and up-most magical feeling I get from loving people. My life mission is to just love people wherever they are, whoever they are.

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