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Vulnerability and Vagility in Victoria: Part Three

Off I went on foot to get to the meeting. It was raining and miserable, but I was, indeed, captivated by the music playing through my earbuds. The idea of being with our alumni clients, our Victoria Facilitator, Judith, and Sober Coach, Michael, gave me the extra pep in my step to enjoy whatever the weather brought me.

The meeting was the kind that took us into some deep and vulnerable territory, it was an opportunity for growth and by turning into ourselves we received the gift of introspection. The group did not dig in its heels when the tough kept going. Rather, the group became this incredibly brave bunch of vulnerable. There were thought-provoking questions and answers and there were incredible bouts of genuineness, tenderness, fearlessness, and, most of all, support. It was captivating to be a part of.

It was that kind of group that will stay in my mind for quite some time. It delivered on so many levels, for me personally and as a group. We didn’t want it to end either! I know a few of us hung onto it a bit longer by continuing the dialogue. This circle of trust is paramount for growth, stability, and what one desires when looking inward and outward for the truth and for living a life of substance – not with substances.

I can never reiterate enough that we are not meant to do life alone. We are a species that thrives in communities that love and support us. We must remember to push the boundaries for more community, more interconnectedness, and more time spent adventuring with others. We just need to remember to spend the time with the right people. People who mirror our higher interests. People who push us to be the best we can be.

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